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Discover Cars

I will be in Rome in May and am renting a car to take into Tuscany for a few days before dropping it off in Florence to finish out the trip. Has anybody ever used Discover Cars for a rental? I am torn between going through them or renting straight from Sixt. Those are the two lowest prices I have found.

The prices are about the same. The only question I had was about the insurance. Through Discover it was saying the full coverage is 0 deductible? But I didn’t think that was right because the price was only $8 per day.

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We have used Sixt before. Never heard of Discover Cars. Are they new and using discounts to get a name going.

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We've used Sixt twice in France and it was flawless. Both times we got luxury cars for the same price as basic cars from Europcar. The staff at all locations (both rentals were one-way) were very helpful and casual in a good way, as in, "Oh that's totally fine if you're 30 min late to drop of" and "Oh let me help you get familiar with controls on this car" (spends 30 min explaining the difference between US and European cars).

Meanwhile, we used Europcar twice in France. One of those times we tried to return it before catching the train, and their little office at the station was closed for lunch (like two hours!) with a note on the door to drop keys about 10 minutes away inner city at an obscure hotel. We almost missed our train, were frazzled, and when we returned home, we discovered they charged us an extra day because we were "late" returning. We fought that and won, but it was so irritating.

I know that Sixt isn't well-known to us Americans, but my French expat friends swear by them. Best of luck.