direct rail links from Florence to Malpensa Airport (Milan)

I read in RS Italy 2013 that "Malpensa Airport also has direct, high-speed rail links to Florence (2/day, 2.75 hours)...." but try as I might on Trenitalia and DB, I cannot find anything more direct than Firenze SM to Milano Centrale. A train to the airport direct would suit us beautifully, as we have reservations at Villa Malpensa, just 800 meters from the airport, and a flight home the next day. Does anyone know of this particular train connection, or have a suggestion on how I might research it more successfully? Many thanks, Tony

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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I don't think those direct runs are there any longer. I do remember the two runs a day where the high-speed went into Malpensa. However, I just looked at all 30+ runs from Florence to Malpensa Aeroporto and they are no longer shown. The best you can do is to change trains at Milano Centrale.

Posted by Antony
Caspar, CA, United States
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thank you, Larry... I guess we discovered the same thing. I was certain I was missing something... But this was in the spankin' fresh 2013 edition.... ouch.

Posted by Ken
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Antony, I suspect that particular information in the Guidebook is out-of-date, as I also don't know of any direct trains from Florence to Malpensa. There were some a year or two ago, but the service to Malpensa is now being provided by TreNord so a change at Milano Centrale is required. Your best bet might be to take the train to Malpensa T1, and then call the Hotel Shuttle that's listed on the Villa Malpensa website. Cheers!