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Delta Premium Select seating questions.

Is the legroom in the first row of Delta Premium Select the same as the rest of Premium Select?
And does the last row of Premium Select have the same recline as the others?
I have looked at Seat Guru but it is not up to date.
We're flying Delta's Airbus 330-300.

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I can't answer your question specifically, but I did want to mention that the first row of any section has some quirks involved with it. If it is right behind a bulkhead, you won't be able to have underseat items and everything will be required to be up in the overhead bin for take off and landing. Often the inflight entertainment may be in your seat and you fold it out. I find this awkward.

My top issue in selecting seats is that I absolutely don't want to feel like the bathroom monitor and have people constantly standing next to me waiting to use the bathroom! If your first row seat has lots of legroom because it is next to the entrance door, then you can probably assume it will fill up with people standing and waiting for something. This is not conducive to sleep.

The only seats that I know of that don't have the usual recline are often found in and around exit row seating.

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The only seats that I know of that don't have the usual recline are often found in and around exit row seating.

You also find no recline in the last row of the economy cabin.

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Delta is usually pretty good about indicating limited recline when selecting a seat, so I hope it would indicate so. Premium Select is fairly new so yeah, many of the third party websites may not have full information. Not flown it myself (was tempted) but if you are not aware, the seats are recliner style, so they have a foot rest that comes up; just for that reason they can't reduce the legroom, just to have the seat work. Since Premium Select is just behind Delta One, there will be a hard separation, I believe a bulkhead in that plane (the galley and bathrooms are just ahead of Premium Select. As someone else commented, I tend to shy away from bulkhead seats.

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Based on my recent experience, YMMV. It's largely based on the actual aircraft you will be on. Our 330 out of Paris was replaced by another 330 with a slightly different configuration, requiring everyone to be reassigned seats. And then on our flight from JFK to LAX, our seats had two slightly interconnected IFE systems because, it was an update of an older plane. One thing to note, on that flight we had two seats in the middle and each one had a big IFE box under the seat in front of it, again because it was an update. So there was barely room for feet, certainly not a purse or backpack. But the legroom is so much better, it wasn't an issue. As for footrests, you may or may not have them. Also be aware that you won't necessarily get more or better food/drink options, or more attentive hosts, but the legroom makes it all worthwhile.

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I flew in the last row of premium select and it had the same recline as the others. I agree that it's nice because there's no worry about seat recline etiquette.
I think we were on an A333 (AMS-SEA) and premium select shared the economy restrooms further back, so there weren't any restroom lines. The seat was way more comfortable than the British airways equivalent, the support given by the leg rest made a huge difference for me as opposed to the regular fold down foot rest

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Not apples to apples but in July flew Icelandair’s Saga class which is similar to premium economy at least in the seating (it’s the top class so one gets lounge access and top in flight service and a dedicated toilet).

We flew out in row 3 and my wife had a reclined seat in her face making it hard to read or watch the AVOD due to the severe angle pointing the screen toward the floor. On the return switched to row 1 and loved it. I could freely exit the window seat without her having to get up and we could read, eat, and watch AVOD at will not dependent upon whims of the reclining seat in front.

AVOD on the Icelandair flight was mounted on the bulkhead (best) but the video I linked shows on the Delta A300 it is in the armrest.

Not being able to store things on the floor during takeoff is not missed since one can effortlessly access the overhead bins.