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Delta premium select seat recline

I will be flying Delta Premium Select to London in a few weeks. Does anyone know the largest angle of recline on these seats? I've searched the interwebs and this website, but have not seen an answer other than it is more than on Economy seats. I know the pitch is 38", but that is not the information for which I am curious.

I may have to pack a protractor. as long as it doesn't weigh much.

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Plug your flight information into the website It will provide a small graphic of the aircraft along with pitch, width and recline for each class of service. Hope this helps.

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Careful with, they are mixing up "premium economy" with "economy comfort" for an AA flight I checked.

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The answer is - it depends. Depends on a bunch of factors. Not just the airline, not just the aircraft, but the age and version of the particular plane you end up on, what row and where in the row. I flew Delta on four routes in December and each plane was configured just a bit differently in PE/PS. The seats certainly don't lie flat, and don't go almost flat, they probably recline a bit more than a regular seat. What you're mainly paying for is better legroom, and a slightly wider seat, and fewer seats around you. And believe me, it's well worth it! You are also supposed to get reserved space in the overheads, although I doubt if that is strictly enforced. If you are looking for a bed, you need to move up to business.

On one of my legs I was sitting in one of the middle two seats and unfortunately the space under the seat ahead of me was filled with an IFE box. But the seat was so far away, it turned out my feet didn't need it. Had to stow the backpack overhead for the whole flight, though.

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Thanks to all who responded...

Tom_MN it looks like you have the most definitive answer Delta will provide. Interesting website...not for the general public, so thanks for sharing. The airlines have no problem identifying the first class long-haul seats as having "180 degrees" of recline. Wish they'd use the same measure to describe the other seats. (Yes, "2 percent recline" would not be very impressive!)

Yes, interesting that the is not current. It gives the incorrect equipment for the route of my upcoming flight and does not identify Premium Select on any of Delta's equipment, even though it's been around for a while.

I know it's "all about the legroom" but the funny thing is I am only 5'0" tall so my issue is actually the discomfort if dangling legs in the recline position. For me, it's "a lot about the footrest" too. In the past I have carried a small box onboard and used that as a foot rest. Then I recycle it when I arrive and find a replacement before my return flight.