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Delta Extends Validity of Flight Credits Till End of 2023

The Points Guy is reporting that Delta has extended the expiration date of flight credits until December 31, 2023. That date also applies to tickets being purchased now.

The article says the major competitors' expiration dates are as follows but notes that one or more may feel they need to match Delta's policy change:

American: March 31, 2022.

United: Dec. 31, 2022, or twelve months for tickets purchased this year.

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Great news! I used ecredits from 2020 for our flights to France this summer thinking I was in a “use it or lose it” situation by the end of 2022. Glad to know if we need to cancel (again!) we have another year to use the ecredits.

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Thanks for the link Eric! I just sent the link to everone in my family. Hopefully this gives travelers a little more peace of mind as they book flights. Now keep fingers crossed that your flight is not canceled by the airline, lol.

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I, too, am quite pleased with this. The day before this was announced I had I just cancelled a flight to Rome in February, and was wondering how I would use the credit before the end of the year. Problem solved!

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Delta not only extends the credit to 12/31/2023, but you can book by 12/31/2023 for flights through 12/31/24.

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Thank you! I need to book for our May trip, but I have been hesitant until I read this.