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Delta: Capital One FF miles to Delta "Mydelta Wallet)

I purchased a flight using Capital One frequent flier miles on a Delta flight. The flight was in April and it was cancelled. I spoke to the Delta customer service rep. Very nice. She said my miles would be refunded. BUT, my miles were translated into dollar amount, and now sit in something Delta calls "my Wallet". It appears to be a receipt. I thought I would get Skymiles.
My questions is will this amount be the same as actual dollars? Can they be used to purchase a flight? Do I need to call Delta?

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Not exactly the same situation as you, but my cancelled credit card flight went into "My Wallet" for the exact amount of my flight cost. For me, it showed up as an eCredit for the amount of the tickets. That amount can then be used as a payment for Delta services. I had about $1300 in credit. Booked a local flight in Sept for $400 and now my wallet has $900 left, so you don't need to use it all at once.

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You got a voucher, not a refund. You need to check very carefully when the credit in your Delta Wallet is set to expire.

Did you contact Capital One Travel to initiate the original purchase? Or did you buy the tickets using your Capital One card and then have the miles moved to your card account to decrease the balance? Unless you moved miles to your Delta Frequent Flyer account first, then did a mileage redemption ticket purchase either on the Delta web site or on the phone directly with Delta, Delta never saw this as miles, only dollars. By law, they should have refunded back to your credit card, not given you a voucher credit in their system.

If this is important to you, and you are not planning a trip in the near future, you may want to push Delta to refund the money.