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Delta Airlines -Passport Details/Online Forms

I logged in to Delta just now to check the details of my upcoming flight to Europe and there was a "needs attention" notice that directed me to FlyReady.

I'm finding this form difficult to understand. For example, if I fly into London and stay for a few days on the tour, then I guess I enter date of arrival and put "no return/onward ticket held?" But, what about when we depart from Florence to head back home to the US? Would the arrival date be the day we enter the country on the tour bus? because I'm not flying into Florence but I am headed back to the US from Florence when the tour ends.

Thanks for anyone who understands what I'm asking. lol!

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I hope someone who flies Delta will answer your question. But I see on the Delta FlyReady page, under the FAQs, that this is not actually required:

You are not required to use Delta FlyReady to verify your international travel documents. However, Delta FlyReady does the work to verify that you have the correct international travel documents for entry to your destination and contributes to a seamless airport experience. It also allows you to skip the line and check in online, via the Fly Delta app or at an airport kiosk.,to%20a%20seamless%20airport%20experience.

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Thank you sooo much!! I should've found that before asking. I was in panic mode and felt overwhelmed! I feel better now. Thanks again!!

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•”It also allows you to skip the line and check in online, via the Fly Delta app or at an airport kiosk.”•

I’ve always filled out the Fly Ready info. But, I often am still required to stand in line at the airport to physically show my passport at the check-in desks. Just sharing this, so travelers can plan how long to be at the airport.

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then I guess I enter date of arrival and put "no return/onward ticket held?"

Personally, I would not say I had no onward method of traveling out of EU or UK, in case that means more hassle at immigration. Not sure on UK, but entering EU, non-resident / citizens are required (though rarely asked!) to show proof of exit transportation. I'm sure you have all the docs in case anyone asks!

Maybe it will be reassuring to you, these apps were invented during COVID, as so much more documentation was required before flight, negative tests at some point, uploaded vaccinations at another point, neither of which is relevant currently. Good luck!

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My experience is the same as Jean's - fill it out ahead of time but often doesn't expedite one thing for me at my home airport, though now I can have my passport "checked" by a machine and not a person. As noted above, the app was designed when COVID had a lot more restrictions on what you needed for travel to various places. If you're US citizen you don't need a special visa for UK or EU.

I will say that despite the relative uselessness of the Fly Ready process, the Delta app can be handy to have on your phone so you can have copies of your boarding passes and also it can give helpful warnings and boarding notices (though not 100% reliable in some airports).

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Definitely have the Delta app on your phone.

The Flyready site is one of several reasons I recommend staying in an airport hotel the night before your flight, because you're gonna need good stable internet for quite a while to fill out the forms. It also helps to have both tablets and phones because sometimes one form of tech works where the other won't.

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Although I’ve filled this form out a couple of times in the past with each international itinerary it pops up repeatedly for completion. My experience has been that to complete or not complete has not been an issue. As long as you’ve satisfied the requirements (passport, visa and blank visa pages if needed, etc) for travel to and from your destinations the airline will handle the rest upon airport checkin.

However, the final responsibility is yours.

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This actually is false advertising by Delta. This useless abomination they have created should be called not ready to fly because it is pathetic

However, all Delta cares about are your flights. They don’t care about buses or where you were in between flights