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Hello, months ago I purchased airline tickets to and from Paris, my brother and sister are also coming on a different confirmation code, sitting together. However my sister pointed out there was a change to our return itinerary, stating our row 19 didn't exist, she spoke with an agent, a manager and apparently French airline spoke to the delta agent, they have infant seats and I'm now regulated to a seat in back by my self in the middle of four. Isn't there something we can do. My delta man said when I get to Geneva perhaps I could speak with the French agent to change seat assignments, for they block in France. Help please

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hi, you maybe able to go to the delta/KLM website and just change your seat. if not, call. if not, do it at the counter/gate. fwiw, i sat next to an "infant" seat since it was about 1/2 the width of a regular one. it didnt dawn on me what it was for until later. but what do you expect to squeeze more $$ out of us instead of just pointing a gun to our head and demanding for more $$$. happy trails.

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This is pretty unclear, but here goes. You need to deal with the airline that actually flies the plane. You will have a confirmation code from that airline, as well as the one from whom you bought the ticket. Start with the website once you have the KLM or Air France confirmation number and try to pick a new seat there. Next call. Read through the link a bit below yours on Confirmed Seat United Partner Overseas, or something like that. You'll see she had the same problem, but was able to solve it following he advice. It's the same opertion for Delta/KLM/Air France.