DBahn Europa- Spezial fares

I am aware of the big discounts you can get of you buy your tickets 92 days in advance and snag one of their great fares like the Europa Spezial fare. I was playing with doing a "stopover" on the DBahn website and it appears that I could leave Munich on Monday morning to Rothenburg ob der Tauber; do a 21 hour stopover; continue Tuesday morning to St Goar; do a 22 hour stopover; and continue on (late morning) Wednesday to Amsterdam for a 5:30pm arrival at Amsterdam, Centraal. All for a Europa Spezial fare of 39.00 EUR. It appears that, if you continue in the same direction and do stopovers, you can connect the travel into one ticket, across multiple days. I even tried a stopover of 36 hours and it appears to work. Granted you have to be organized and willing to commit up front your exact schedule but that seems to me like that is a "good trade". Am I using the website correctly?

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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"Am I using the website correctly?" I think so. I too have noticed that you can do this with stopovers, staying as long as, I think, 24 hours, maybe more. I've never put together an itinerary with more than one such stops, but, then, why not. If they will sell you a Europa Spezial ticket from Munich to Amsterdam straight through for that price, why not let you stop on the way (they're not an airline). One other thing, if part of your trip is on regional trains, those connections are not tied to a specific train, i.e., you can use other regional trains along the same route, as long as you make the express trains.

Posted by Tom
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Thanks Lee for the response and for the reminder about the regional trains. While I haven't bought my ticket (I don't travel until June) this approach fits my current plan perfectly.