day trip to chambourd castle

I will be Paris first week in may, would like to make a day trip to Chambourd Castle, and also other castles in that area. Are there trains from Paris to Chambourd or a town near by were I can stay overnight, also. can I rent a car down there. In otherwords whats the best way to get down there and back to Paris in a 1&1/2 days. Thanks Manny Diaz

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Manny you could take a bus tour from Paris, Cityrama does one to Loire Valley. Its pricey but a fun day , a long day too, but you can sleep on bus . You could also take train to Tours and then in Tours pick up a tour or a rental car there.

Posted by manny
burbank, ca, usa
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Thanks for the info. I will check into train schedule.

Posted by DH
San Antonio, TX, USA
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Manny, Too bad you have to zip in and out of the Loire valley so quickly. The chateau there are magical. Some of the castles are a bit isolated and just scream for auto travel.