Day trip by train from Verona to Bologna

We're going to Verona in a couple of weeks and would like to take a day trip to Bologna by train. We would rather take direct trains but it looks like if we want to get there and back in one day, we have to change at Padua. Is this right? And if we do, do we have to get seperate tickets for each train, as I notice they are different classes of train.
Thanks, Maggie

Posted by Keith
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There are certainly some direct, fast trains - we caught one a few weeks ago. On Trenitalia for 1/8/13, by way of example, there is a fast train out at 0850hrs (though not much for the rest of the morning it seems), and one back at 1815hrs - there is also a slower ("regionale"), but still direct train back at 1610hrs. Most of the trains back after 1800hrs seem to be direct. Note that the centre of Bologna is a good 20 minute walk from the railway station (Verona PN station is also a bit of a walk from the centre). There are buses from the stations to the centres, of course.

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Nigel Thank you!
And what a coincidence- I'm also half way through that book- it's excellent, isn't it? Cheers Maggie

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The 0650, 0750 and 0850 are no-change Freccias in about 50 minutes. The Regionales at 0659 and 1226 are no-changers, but take nearly 90 minutes. I'm afraid that .Italotreno don't serve Verona because their main line goes along the lower east/west route through Reggio Emilia. Be sure to use Verona Porta Nuova, not the tiny-and-only-served-by-infrequent-Regionales Verona Porta Vescovo. An absolutely fab book about living in Verona and using the trains there daily over 30 years is Italian Ways: On and Off the Rails from Milan to Palermo by Tim Parks. I'm about half way through it on my Nook and it shows Verona and Milano, and the railway in between - and down south too, in a really down to earth and honest way. Everything he talks about I have seen and more.