Day on Capri

My wife and I will be traveling to Capri from Sorrento for a day trip in a few weeks and I have a few questions: - Blue Grotto is it worth it? Heard it is really crowded and you are in there for 5 mins? What about Green Grotto? - taking ferry from Sorrento to Capri, any tips/tricks gotchas? Do we take it to Capri or AnaCapri? - any good restaurants to try?
- any thing else we should know? Thanks!

Posted by Rosalyn
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We went to the Emerald Grotto some years ago. In my opinion, it is a quintessential tourist trap. You pay quite a bit to get there (can't remember exactly, but not a little); but when you get to the entrance, you have to pay more to actually get in. Yes, the light is sort of greenish. The boatman points to some rocks which are supposed to look like something. The one that sticks in my mind is Äbraham Lincoln. The final one is a Nativity scene, with a plastic baby Jesus, Really, I'm not kidding! After that experience and seeing the RS video of the Blue Grotto, we took a pass on it. I would go as early as possible from Sorrento to Capri. The last return ferry leaves fairly early, so to maximize your time, you need to arrive early. The ferry lets you off at the marina. You take the funicular up to Capri town. From there, you can get a bus to Anacapri. We liked Anacapri the best. There's beautiful villa you can tour, and the church of San Michele is very special.

Posted by JS
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After you have lunch and do the usual there just wander around the narrow walkways. Wander it is a joy to round the bend and see the Mediterranean in all its glory or get to the highest pt , sit and gaze out from the bench up there and ponder what General Ike was thinking during WWII. I completely lost time the day I spent just walking around and discovering what Capri is all about. And I do not mean shopping or people watching.
The vistas are absolutely beautiful.

Posted by Morgan
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Thank you for the great tips! Looking forward to the adventure since this is the first time we have ever been to Italy. Do you recommend the chair lifts to the top of Mount Solarno? Looked like the visitas there were beautiful! Is that is Anacapri? Thanks

Posted by Sig
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My wife and I spent a day on Capri last year. We tossed around the idea, do the Blue Grotto or not? We decided to go for it. You must take a boat to the Grotto, then transfer to a much smaller boat to go into the cave. The whole process is mass confusion, but the boat handlers seem to know what they are doing. It was fairly expensive, everyone has their hand out, including the fellow in the little boat taking you into the cave. After a few minutes when you do come back out, you have the option of catching a bus back into town or returning by boat. We took the bus to be able to see more of Capri. OK worth it or not? I guess we are glad we did it, but as I said, it was expensive and if we are lucky enough to return to Capri someday, I would never do it again. Knowing what I know now, I would spend my time sightseeing and forget the Blue Grotto.

Posted by Zoe
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Morgan, since this is your first trip to Italy, you should post on "To the Boot", which deals with all topics (including transportation) related to travel in Italy.

Posted by Mike
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One day is really not much time, take an early ferry to Capri so you have as much time on the island as possible. I agree that the Blue Grotto is very touristy so I would skip it if you are pressed for time. I've not been to the Emerald Grotto, my guess is that it is similar. I highly recommend Mount Solara. Take the bus to Anacapri and explore that tiny town, then take the chairlift up to Mount Solara. The views are awesome, and the chairlift ride is fun. I also recommend walking to Villa Jovis, is a nice area to explore. There is plenty to do on the island, will easily fill your day. If you really want to get out on the water, I would recommend hiring a private boat for a tour of the island.

Posted by SUSAN
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We were there a couple of years ago and took a boat ride around the island. It was very nice, got to see the grottos, but didn't go in, but heard quite a bit of information on the boat ride, who lived where, etc. Thought it was worth going around the island for one hour and hearing about it.

Posted by Zoe
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One thing to keep in mind is that in a few weeks the seas may be too choppy to get into the Grotto(es).

Posted by Charles
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We were there last month and I reluctantly went along with the group to try and get in. Fortunately, the waves were choppy and they were not taking people in, so I saved a bunch of money. We took the funicular up to AnniCapri and really enjoyed it. The hike up to Villa Jovis was a "Back Door" experience and well worth the time. I was surprised how few people were up there and the views were amazing. The ferry to Sorrento was a breeze. Take the bigger one, not the hydrofoil. The hydrofoil made lots of people in our group sick, but the bigger one was a much smoother ride.

Posted by JS
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To me the real beauty of Capri is just walking around and getting lost in the little walkways around the island. take pictures be amazed at the views of the the Mediterranean and the island. It is a place to slow down and savor. See the small church w/ mosaics and just wander, enjoy an expresso, gelato, lunch or gondola ride then ferry back to Sorrento before the last ferry leaves. This is the real beauty of a visit to Capri-or a honeymoon!