Customs in Atlanta

We are flying back to the US on Delta, into Atlanta and then connecting on Delta on to final destination in Sacramento. We arrive in Atlanta at 8:10am on a Tuesday. Do we need to retrieve our checked luggage in Atlanta and then go through customs? We have 2 hours 10 minutes before the departure to Sacramento. Thanks.

Posted by Ed
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Your stuff goes through customs in Atlanta. You have plenty of time.

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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The Atlanta Airport has a brand new international terminal. It's beyond fabulous. Heck, the old international terminal was the nicest airport terminal I've ever been in.
You should be just fine transferring there and going thru customs.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Yes, you need to retrieve your luggage at the baggage claim and go through customs in Atlanta. 2 hrs are enough. This is the sequence of events for your return flight: 1. Aboard the plane you will fill out a "Customs Declaration Form" (Form 6059B) which will be provided to you by the crew. Just fill one for each family. 2. Upon arrival disembark. Walk to US Immigration. When you arrive to the immigration hall where everybody is in line, choose the line for US Citizens and Permanent Residents, I'm assuming you are a citizen or a permanent resident, if you are an illegal alien, I can't help you. 3. Once at the Immigration counter, hand passport and Customs form to the Immigration officer. He'll stamp both and hand both back to you. Proceed to Baggage Claim next. 4. At the baggage claim carousel, retrieve your luggage. On the way out you will go through Customs. If you have items to dclare you need to go through that line, otherwise go to the nothing to dclare line. Just hand your Customs form to the Immigration officer standing there. You are now in the United States of America. After handing the form, there will be an area where you hand your luggage to be put back in to Sacramento. There are a bunch of workers who will get your stuff and shove it in a carousel. Make sure your luggage tag has SMF code on it before you return the luggage (just to make sure they did so in Europe). 5. Proceed to catch your connection to SMF at the Domestic Terminal (Concourse T, A-D), you are currently on concourse E or F of the Int'l terminal. To go from E/F to A-D,T (Domestic) you need to take the underground people mover, I think it's still called the Plane Train. If you go to the airport website you should see maps and layouts.