Current Greek Train Info

I need some help deciding which Railpass to buy for my 3 month trip to Europe, and the last piece of the puzzle for me is Greece. I have heard train travel is very limited there, so my question is, do trains still run to the Pelloponnese, particularly Nafplion and Olympia, and do they run to Meteora and Delphi? If I am going to have to take mostly busses in Greece it will help me decide which railpass to buy, especially since Im going to have to purchase a whole different pass for the UK. Thanks in advance for any and all help! I've poked around the web but can't seem to find any info that's recent as of 2013

Posted by T.
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As far as I can tell, there were never any trains to Delphi--you always had to take a bus. Thanks to the economic crisis, most of the lines in the Peleponnese aren't running. You should count on taking the bus. Here is a website that describes the Greek bus system in great detail: (under "Best of..." click on "KTEL Buses of Greece")

Posted by Paul
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I would not include Greece in a railpass. The cost is not worth it for the limited trains. The only effective route used to be between Athens and The Meteora or to Thessaloniki (prior to cuts) and tickets were dirt cheap. Buses are cheap and frequent to most tourist spots,