tours or not in Paris, Dublin and Belfast

We are stopping in Paris, Dublin and Belfast. We are wondering if anyone knows of a good way to visit in the little time a cruise gives you to visit these places. When we went on a cruise to Italy we went with a limo company(Mercedes vans) and it was great!! We had a good experience cause they gave us history and facts, then gave us time to walk around major sites and took us back to the ship.But I don't know how to go about seeing and exploring on this trip.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Maria you should go on cruisecritics and ask for advice on these ports of call excurisions, private ones and ship ones. Paris as you know is no where near the coast, so any visit there needs to be carefully planned, unless missing the ship wouldn't bother you, personally I would opt for a ships excursion there because of the distance and chance of missing ship if traffic or anything happens.. its a long long drive, like
+ hours, I think ships tours take trains in, then bus .. but do look on , really, that is the forum for these types of questions, you see some of us have cruised here, ( myself 6-7 times ) but cruising is not my preffered holiday method, on cruisecritics there are people who have taken 20, 30 or even a hundred cruises, I would get their advice !