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Croatia ferry schedules?? Help!


My wife and I are traveling to Croatia in May and we're having a heck of a time figuring out the ferry schedules. We're trying to go from Split to Hvar, and then Hvar to Dubrovnik.

If anyone can provide links, hints/tips, inside knowledge, or past experience, we'd really appreciate it.


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We traveled Split to Hvar via high speed catamaran. It took under an hour. We were unable to get a ferry/catamaran from Hvar to Dubrovnik on the day we needed so we had to go back to Split and then take a bus. That wasn't a big deal, though--the scenery along the highway was gorgeous. Check out the ferryline's website can look at timetables for your particular dates. I absolutely adore Croatia. You are going to have a great time! (P.S. the catamarans can get very crowded so get there early if you want to get a seat, otherwise you'll have to stand or sit on your luggage in an aisle).

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Hi, You may have left already. We were there in
May about 3 yrs ago and the catamarands weren't
running at that time in May. That may have
We were driving so we went across at the other
end from Hvar Town and left on a ferry to
Korcula. We got to the ferry early and had no
problem. We left from Stari Grad because of
the car ferry.

There is a wonderful village, Milna, not to
far from Hvar Town. A true fishing village.
After we visited it in the day, we went back
and had dinner there, and then made arrangements
to spend the next night there..
The people in the village are all related.
We woke up early and watched the fishermen bring
in the catch for the day. It was wonderful.
If you do go there, there is an outdoor restaurant
down the beach away from the village. We had
a great meal and great time there.

You will love Croatia.