credit card use- train stations

Does anyone know if you must have a chip and clip credit card to retrieve tickets (online purchase) at Keleti station in Budapest?

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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I don't know about credit cards, but you can easily use your ATM card to obtain cash. I try to reserve credit cards for rental cars, gas stations, hotels and restaurants.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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Val, there should be something in the fine print about whether a chip-and-PIN card is required...I can't check, because I don't know who you bought (or want to buy) your tickets from.

Posted by Val
San Jose, USA
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Thanks, guess I have more fine print to read! Guess it seems safer to allow the extra time.

Posted by Southam
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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Well, what fun trying to sort out the bureaucratic mindset of Eastern Europe. My browsing here which you probably saw when making your on-line purchase offers lots of answers but not about chip-and-pin cards (the clip comes from your bank's fees.) In Europe, maybe these cards are taken for granted. Anyhow the rail system suggests you can print your tickets at home. A great alternative, if it works. It also suggests that e-ticket machines were an initial installation before home printing but without explaining how they coughed up pre-purchased tickets. It is persuasive to see how many FYIs have to do with those e-ticket machines not coughing up anything. The Man in Seat 61, who has been everywhere, says this about Keleti: "The domestic ticket office is downstairs off the end of platforms 6-9, although there's also a small office upstairs on platform 9. The international ticket office is separate, accessed through a signed passageway a little way along platform 6. You'll usually find staff who speak reasonable English, and credit cards and euros are accepted." Scroll well down. Kelati is a magnificent pile from the outside but rather gloomy and a bit ramshackle inside; try to be there during daylight hours. Or you might try e-mailing your question at the system Internet site I mentioned above.