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Covid and non Covid Flights - how to know and other questions

Got an alert today that Lufthansa was having a big sale from Houston to Rome/Milan. Cheap flights and was ready to book....but wait. The transfer was through Frankfurt. Called Lufthansa and asked if these were covid flights and was told no and that it looked like through July 31 you had to meet the regular entry requirements to Italy (which excludes us). We have our immunizations for COVID.
So the question remains - this is best passed on, as we have no idea what will happen August 1? They are not completely refundable flights. Those are more expensive. I have posted this in the Italy forum but think it's best to post here. Thinking maybe its best we pass on this sale and wait to see how summer plays out?
Another question - if you book flights with points from your credit card - can you get your points back if you cancel - not like losing cash if you pay for non refundable?

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if you book flights with points from your credit card - can you get your points back if you cancel

Not all points programs are the same and not all customers or members in a program have the same status.
You should contact your specific credit card company or say which one you belong to and someone can find the rules somewhere online.

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For Delta, miles and dollars are refundable for all classifications except Basic Economy. In my searches to plan my trip to France with my miles, I never even found any Basic Economy flights, to purchase with miles, the classifications were main cabin and up. Hence, it would seem to me that DELTA international flights purchased with miles are refundable.

I'm not really understanding what Italy's purpose is with these COVID tested flights. It seems the same objective is served by requiring visitors to have a negative COVID test in order to enter the country?? Which is what other countries are doing. Unless Italy's purpose with these flights is to put the onus on the airline?