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Couchette Ticket - wish I could read it!!

I have a similar question as the post about a purchase from -- I purchased 4 couchette tickets for my husband and I and the couple we are traveling with. I purchased the tickets at the same time so that we could all be in one couchette together and not share with others -- the ticket says:

ZUG 40388 CNL Wagen 290 Liegeplatze 71 72 75 76

I know that the beginning part is telling me the train & car #. It also says, elsewhere, that we have 2 above and 2 below. The part that concerns me is that the rest says 'Berths 71, 72, 75, & 76" -- can anyone tell me if these 4 berths would be in one room or if somehow we got separated?? I tried contacting Bahn with these questions, but got no response.

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I don't know absolutely, so keep trying, but just to reduce your stress in the meantime, yes, they are probably together. They have a strange numbering system. 73 & 74 are probably somewhere else, like across the hallway.

Is this CNL? You can call them in Germany at (49) 1805 14 15 14. When someone answers just say "English" and they will say, "Moment", and probably have someone fluent in English on the line within a few minutes.