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Cost of flights - up or down for you?

I'm just going to post my little anecdote with the travel I just rebooked. I see people saying that the prices of flights are way up, or will go up, as travel opens up.

I just rebooked our cancelled flights to Scotland for this coming Sept, via WestJet. I had just over $2600 in our 'travel bank.' (Held with WJ).

I booked the same as before - into Glasgow, home from Gatwick, paid for the seat selections for both flights (same seating arrangement as before - preferred seats). Econo over, Econo Flex coming home.

I came out $415 ahead - still have that much in credit. Now, WJ was having a sale, and I just did a double check now that the sale is over, but even if I booked now, I think we would've come out will a couple hundred bucks credit.

Just curious other experiences w/rebooking.

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I always check my flights periodically. In the last year I have had two flights decrease in price and received a refund by rebooking the exact flights. I have also had two flights where the price doubled from the price I paid. I did not rebook those!

I don’t know that one can accurately predict airline prices and price changes. It does pay to check your tickets periodically for several reasons.

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Mine went up from last year’s price when I rebooked. I didn’t want to wait too long because I really like the bulkhead seats for my height & legs, and they were mostly full.

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Nice to see a fellow Nova Scotian! While we didn't rebook our exact same itinerary (initially into Heathrow out of Rome, now round trip Gatwick) our flights were also less!
We did score a fantastic sale with WJ, $1449 round trip for 2, then preferred seats each way for another $300 total.

We booked 3 weeks ago and the prices for the same itinerary have now shot up $1000 so maybe it's just luck?

Enjoy your trip! We're 23 days out!

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We just booked a Miami to Naples via Paris on AirFrance business class for 55,000 ff points. Thought that was a pretty good deal for August 1st.

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I had flights from Toronto into Gatwick, home from Dublin booked for April 2020, rebooked them for this April for just a tiny bit more (think honestly like $15 more, each). The new dates are "nicer" - later in the month, nicer times on busier days, and the trip itself is longer. We booked later than we did for the original flights (I think the original flights were booked at the beginning of January during a sale, I didn't bother waiting for a sale this time and just booked). But what's really notable is that my mother-in-law also booked with West Jet, from Victoria, and only paid a little bit more than us. Of course there are layovers, but usually Victoria would be a ridiculously higher price.

My mom booked her original flight on Air Canada. Beyond the issues of getting any credit from them whatsoever (they claim they never cancelled her flights, and that she just didn't show up . . . she has the emails to prove otherwise, but then was too blinded by grief during the extremely short refund period to pursue a refund until later, and they have casually postponed sending her the credit vouchers for several months now), the AC flights were wayyyyyy more expensive than the original. Her original flights were YVR-LHR and then Dublin-YVR. AC flights almost doubled in price, seemingly no matter the day. Combined with the issue of actually getting credit, she found it more worth it to book with WestJet AND "gifted" herself a couple of days in Paris and more days in England. So despite adding (at least) 5 days, not worrying about the dates, flying from a smaller airport (Kelowna), and doing more expensive days and longer flights . . . she ended up paying significantly less than she had before.

I feel like WestJet has responded to the pandemic by going "Well let's get any passengers who are trying to get a trip!" and AC is more focused on potentially fewer passengers but higher ticket prices. . . . I ran into the same dichotomy trying to book flights to BC later in the summer - while I did end up choosing AC (and Swoop for the way back), WJ was cheaper for most dates.

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You might want to pay close attention to WestJet's flight schedules. They're known to change flight times and even cancel flights if they're not heavily booked.

We scored econo flights to Europe for just over $400 (U.S.) and then the pandemic hit and our return flight was cancelled. Made the mistake of going through an online flight discounter, and we played heck getting our money back without any assistance or support. The airline paid the discounter, and they sat on our $ for 7 months. Future flights will be booked directly through airlines.

May/June, 2022 tickets from our small airport to London Heathrow are running $603 each, and our granddaughter's ticket was less. That's just under 50% of normal prices, and we're glad to get'em. Most of the budget trips are two stops, and get you in at 7:00 a.m. I picked better times.

Our very well priced cruise to the Baltics has had a change of itinerary (from St. Petersburg), and we're going to Plan B--Northern Italy and The Alps--along with London. Oh well, we've been to the Baltics before. Us frugal travelers win a few and we lose a few. There are still many great places to visit.

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Way down.
I've been looking at flights from Vancouver to Florence for mid-September.....KLM was offering CAN$892 return, via Amsterdam , a few days ago.
Could have changed by now of course.

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Thanks everyone! I was a little trepidacious about rebooking - I mean, I did it anyway and was surprised with all the talk being about prices shooting up. Also had a friend recommend booking because of soaring fuel costs. I'm happy with it.

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I booked my Parents and I on a one way flight from SFO-LHR for a Cruise in August on Virgin Atlantic as we will book onward travel from Paris after the cruise. I got the fare for $530 from the Cruiseline vs $930 booking direct that comes with Seat Selection, 1 Checked Bag, Carryon Bags and Meals plus I can earn Delta miles.

I will see what we book from CDG but I needed the flexibility so the one way was the way to do it.

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I just got a notice from United that they changed our return flight from Dublin. We had booked and paid for premium plus and now they have us in economy. I called United and the agent acknowledged that we had paid for premium and told me I should just wait about a month for them to change it back to premium. Really? There are 4 premium seats left on that flight so good luck with that. I am going to watch the flights and if I see a better deal I will cancel the current flights and book another. But then again the same thing may happen again.