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Continental airlines...

Has anyone flown with this airline lately? If so, the carry on policy states you can have one carry one plus one personal article such as a purse or briefcase. Any problems with having a carry on plus a backpack? Its a standard size backpack, and I typically use that rather than a purse when on vacation. I brought both the backpack and carry on luggage when I flew with Air Canada and it was fine, but Im not sure if Continental is a bit more strict.

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We each had a small back pack and and 21" carryon when flying from SFO to Amsterdam.
We told them the back packs served as our purses.
We had no problems going and coming back.
We flew KLM.
I would suggest you call Continental and ask them. Give the dimensions of your back pack and luggage.

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My husband and I fly exclusively on Continental because of frequent flyer miles, and I push the envelope of carry-ons because I don't like to check bags. Last week I carried on a duffle bag and and a large valise-type bag as my "personal article." On small planes for domestic travel you may have to gate-check bigger bags, but airplanes for international travel always have plenty of room. Continental seems pretty liberal on this policy. Last week, the guy next to me had a backpack and a drum in a drum case! I think a carry-on plus a backpack will be no problem.

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In fact, my son, who was traveling with me last week, did actually have a carry-on duffle bag and a backpack. No problem.

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You are fine as long as you aren't flying through or from the UK, where it is strictly 1 bag. I think the one carry-on limit is going to be EU-wide at some point in the next year, BTW. In the end, it really comes down to security - the airlines can say anything they want, but if security won't let it through, that's it.

To be honest, it's really better to limit your carry-ons. They days of carrying it all on are disappearing, and there are + and -s.
The more stuff you carry-on, the longer it takes to get through security and to get on and off the plane. After a few grumbles, I've become a big fan of the 1 bag rule here because it REALLY speeds up security & you don't have to rush for the available overhead space on the planes and wait behind people who are trying to squeeze huge bags into the overhead bins.

Not all of Continental's flights are in big planes - the US-UK route I use is on 767s or 757s - not big. Kate

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I've flown Continental for my last two trips to Europe (2003, 2005), and I'm flying w/them next month on my 3rd trip. The first time I took an REI Alpine backpack (probably around 2-3K or so cubic inch capacity) and an Eagle Creek Guide shoulder bag on board. The 2nd time I reused the REI Alpine pack and also had a larger REI shoulder bag. I had no trouble either time w/Continental.

However, as others have said, carry-on restrictions are becoming tougher. This time I plan to bring a Gregory Baltoro pack (4300 cubic inch), which is definitely larger than the REI Alpine (I'm hiking the Camino pilgrimage in Spain, so I have to carry more gear). So, I'll most likely check it and bring an Eagle Creek fold-up day pack and the small Guide shoulder bag (which can fit inside the day pack) with some necessities.

Also, keep in mind that the "Easyjet" type Euro airlines are tougher w/carryons - they made me check the REI Alpine pack.