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Connection Time in Munich

I am considering booking a ticket from DEN > VCE via Lufthansa with a layover in MUNICH. The proposed itinerary is

16:10 Denver - International, CO (DEN)
Arrival time 09:55 +1 day
Arrival airport Munich - Franz Josef Strauss (MUC)

Departure time 11:45 +1 day
Departure airport Munich - Franz Josef Strauss (MUC)
Arrival time 12:45 +1 day
Arrival airport
Venice - Marco Polo (VCE)

Considering the international arrival in Munich, I would assume customs & immigration happens here, where I have to get baggage and then re-check into the 2nd leg. So is this layover really enough time?


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Immigration (passport check) will be in the first Schengen country you come to, which is Germany. You will go through immigration at MUC. However, if your entire trip is booked on one ticket, they should check your bag through to VCE, which is where you will retrieve it and go through customs (which these days is usually a "walk-thru" formality).

According to the MUC website, Air Dolomiti uses Terminal 2 at MUC, so you will not have to change terminals (you might have to change between the main Terminal 2 and the new satellite of Terminal 2, but there are shuttle trains to make that connection quickly.

You are scheduled to have an hour and 50 minutes to make the connection, which should plenty of time, but for a trans-Atlantic flight, you never know when you will arrive in Munich. (On 11 flights to Europe since 2000, I have arrived an hour late three times.) But if your flight is late arriving and you miss your connection, Lufthansa should put you on a later flight to Venice. Air Dolomiti "represents" the Italian branch of Lufthansa.

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thanks even if the airline changes to Air Dolomiti, we shouldn't have to re-check anything?

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Air Dolomiti is a LH subsidiary and it doesn't make any difference whether you transfer to an LH or an AD flight. Your luggage will be checked through; you do immigration formalities in MUC (normally, shouldn't take longer than 10-15 min) and customs in VCE (normally you just walk through the "green" door).

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1) I have never changed planes on arrival in Europe, and 2) I always carry-on, so I can not tell you "yes" from personal experience, but that is what I understand. Maybe someone here can confirm it from personal experience. (I see SLA just did.)

I should add that not having to worry about this is just one more advantage to carrying on.

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I actually flew a similar route (albeit it from Los Angeles) on Lufthansa and Air Dolomiti. I had approximately 95 minutes upon arrival in Munich, but I was able to clear passport control with time to spare. I did not need to re-claim my luggage upon arrival at Munich as it was tagged all the way through to Venice (as others have mentioned, they're code share airlines in the same terminal).

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The last 2 years I've flown from the US to France on Lufthansa via Munich, with around an hour connection, and easily made it both times. This April I'll be taking the same route, with a 1 hour 5 minute connection. And whether you have carry on or checked baggage should be irrelevant, since your bags should be checked through.

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Air Dolomiti/Lufthansa also have flights to Venice at 3:30 pm, 6:40 pm, and 9:55 pm. So if you did have a big delay on arrival, they'll get you on the next flight to Venice.

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Sam's info would clinch it for me. The existence of later flights that day is one reason I was not concerned about our connection in Munich.