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Connection Time at CDG

I have a flight from ATL to BCN with connection at CDG. The ATL to CDG flight (Delta but operated by Air France) is scheduled to land at 10:45 and then the connecting flight to BCN is at 12:15. I had two hour connection time but Delta changed flights and it cut down to 1.30 minutes. Will i have enough time? I have this feeling i will be covered in sweat by the end of it all lol.

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I would not worry about it. It is a legal minimum connection time. If you miss the 12:15 Air France has 2 flights after that and would just put you on one of those if space is available.

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We are assuming it's all on one ticket. Hopefully, it is.

If it's not on a single ticket, I'd be covered in sweat right now and I'd be working on a Plan B.

If it is on a single ticket, and you don't have something time-critical immediately upon arrival in BCN (like, jumping on a cruise ship about to depart) then the risk is fairly low. If you misconnect, there are more flights later that they could get you on.

One ticket all the way...right?

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If it is on one ticket, if you miss the connection, Air France is to put you on the next flight with available seating as has been said already.

What no one has told you is that may not be until the NEXT DAY if the seats on all remaining flights are oversold or there are many in front of you who have also missed their connections. I would not risk being held back overnight.

Contact Delta or Air France, whichever actually made this change, and request an earlier flight to Paris (on Delta or AF) or a later flight to Barcelona. Tell the agent that you are not able to rush if your inbound flight is late which is why you initially didn’t make the connection as close as it is now. If the agent does not comply, thank him or her and then hang up. Call back and speak with another agent.

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We connected in Paris in April 2019. It was a Wednesday morning, so the airport wasn't too busy. It took two hours from the time our plane landed until we arrived at the gate for our next flight. Note: the next flight was on a different airline, so we had to collect baggage and check in again.

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My very first trip abroad had me connecting through CDG and I did indeed end up a sweaty, disheveled, panic-stricken mess running through the airport in my socks to catch my flight arrived a wee bit late and that didn't help, not sure if it was just a normal day at CDG but I knew I had to go through security again and became enmeshed in a writhing mass of bodies, no discernible line, no idea where to go but had the presence of mind to ask an airport employee for help and they whisked me through the line and the plane was waiting for me. It was nothing short of a miracle. Lesson learned: never connect through CDG again.

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Continental is right: assuming you are booked all the way through on a single ticket, with the (now tight) connection, if you miss the connecting flight, the risk is that there may not be any seats for you on the flights leaving later that day. How high is that risk? I don't know. When is your trip? Is it in the peak summer travel season? If so, flights do sell out (and get overbooked). If it's off season...then the risk of having no seat available to you is somewhat less.

He's also correct that you can (and probably should) call Delta and tell them you need more time to connect. They should accommodate your request. The way things work when there's a schedule change (and that's what happened here), their computer picks what it thinks is an acceptable new flight for you. The critical thing is: you do not have to accept the flight they offer. You can ask for something acceptable to you - and you get to define what's acceptable. They do not have to upgrade you to business class, but you can ask for a different routing (even a nonstop, if one exists) if you want - even if the ticket price for that would be higher than what you paid.

You need to do some homework. Go online and look for options that exist and that you would prefer. Your preferred options must be from the same origin airport to the same destination, but may take a different route. It must depart on the same date as your original flight. It could be on the original airline or potentially one of their partners (or a mix). So go find something that's better than what their computer offered you. Note all the pertinent details (flight numbers, airlines, times, etc.). Then call them. tell them you don't want to accept the proposed flight changes, instead ask about your preferred (better) option, and feed them the details. As long as there's a seat for you on the routing you find, they typically will let you switch to that, at no cost to you (even if the ticket price for the new flight would be higher if you bought it). Be polite, be nice when you call - you are asking them to do you a favor. So be reasonable. But remember: you do not have to accept the first option their computer spat out, and they have great power to "bend the rules" at that point because of the schedule change.

A schedule change, like the one you are experiencing, is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it can get you a much, much better flight (and at no extra cost to you), IF you do your homework and manage the call well. I have had great success with schedule changes getting me much better flights many times. Do your homework first, then give it a try.

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There's lots of good advice here. I agree to call Delta and keep asking for a flight change. If for some reason they insist on the current schedule, you need to carefully plan your transfer ahead of time. Study the CDG gates your Atlanta flight usually uses and the gates your Barcelona flight uses. There's no guarantee they will be the same ones the day of your flight, but it gives you a head start. Look at the terminal maps for CDG so that you'll know how to navigate. When you land, if there's not much time, go to the first-class line at passport control and show them your boarding pass for the flight to Barcelona. I've had tight connections at CDG twice, and each time the agent let me use the first-class line through passport control--saving me 15-20 minutes. Good luck.

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1.30 minutes is not enough time. I had the same experience as Christa. Another flight deplaned at the same time as mine and the lines were super long and moved very slowly. CDG is a big airport. After my passport was finally stamped, I had to catch a tram to get to the right concourse, had to catch an elevator somewhere in that stress-filled rush. Of course my gate was way down the other end of the hall. They had already closed the gate, but kindly re-opened it for me. Whew. Never again. My more well-traveled friends always try to book a minimum 3-hour connection in any foreign airport. Good thing I was not traveling with my elderly relatives or we would've missed the flight home for sure.
Good luck and hope you can rearrange your flight schedule.

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Thank you everyone for your replies! I will be calling Delta to try to arrange a change. Funny thing, I just logged into desktop site of Delta (had only been using mobile app) and saw in red that I should contact local reservation office due to shorter connection time and that flight might be changed at no extra cost.

I booked on Delta and all flights are connected on one itinerary. I had been looking at the flight stats since I saw the change and been checking to see where the plane lands and where the BCN flights depart out of (looks like i will be in the Halls closest to 2F but will need to do passport check before proceeding there) and watching youtube vids on people doing the same transfer (eek).

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Delta is often busy with calls on Monday b/c they do a lot of updates for flights system-wide on Saturdays. If your flight is not this week, you may have a shorter wait time if you call on Tuesday.

Before you call, look at the website to see what your options might be. If you find one that fits your needs, don't be afraid to ask for it. Also confirm that you are being rebooked into the same class of service for which you originally paid. (Example - if you paid for business class seats, make sure the new seats are in business class OR you're being reimbursed for the difference.)

Good luck!!

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You have got an excellent advice on this thread.

A Delta agent will accommodate you because of the changes made to a tighter connection. You said the website advised you to call Delta agent. Mention that on the call.

David is right, this can and will benefit you. There are nonstops between ATL & BCN. Before you call, select 2-3 itineraries making it less work for the Delta agent to find a better route for you.

Make sure you get the same class of cabin that you purchased as aquamarinesteph advised including if you spent extra money to sit closer to the front of that cabin, an exit row or for aisle/window seats. You can look at the Delta app seat map for those itineraries to see if the seats you want, that are similar to what you had, are available.