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Connection through Amsterdam to Edinburgh.

Will I have to go through passport security in Amsterdam if I'm going to Edinburgh? I was told that since the UK is not in the EU, as long as I stayed on the secure side I'd not need to worry. Is that the case? First time going to UK and I have 4 hours in Amsterdam. Thanks.

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What matters is whether or not a country is part of the Schengen Zone. The UK and the USA are both outside the Schengen Zone. This means you will stay in the non-Schengen Zone of the airport and don’t go thru passport control. It’s simply a matter of walking to the next gate.

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stayed on the secure side

There are 2 parts to the secure side, the large non-Schengen area where you arrive and depart, then the small B and C concourses where the Schengen flights depart, with a passport control between them.

Your next step is to fill the 4 hours, there's a fun looking old jet on the top of the terminal surrounded by tables for outside sitting but that requires going through passport control to reach. There are a lot of shopping possibilities, if you keep going (it's a long way) there's a small cheese shop.