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Condor not flying Business Class any longer?

UPDATE Jan 19: The classes of service were back this morning so I booked our August flights. Why the customer service rep had no explanation (technical difficulties?) who knows. [Shrugs shoulders.] Equipment is the same it has been on my prior searches.

We have been fans of Condor and I was planning to actually buy Business Class tickets PDX to FRA for August. I've been keeping my eye on the direct flight and finally decided to book it today as I am concerned fares may rise with fuel prices and other inflationary factors. On their website, all of the Business Class fares are showing "Not Available," as are many Premium Economy fares. I called the airline and was told they are no longer flying that class of service. What? Checked SEA and LAX, too: no Business Class. I cannot find any news items about this and the customer service rep was a little unsure of if/when there would ever be Business Class available.

Anyone have any knowledge?

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No info, but this caused me to look at my booking for May ( Alaska miles) for biz from LAS-FRA. It still shows us as biz class with our row 2 seats.

Looking at their booking site and it shows only prem and reg econ available.

Will watch with interest

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hm, just cuz I follow some airline news sites I had heard Condor was rolling out new A330 service this year (with some older leased A330s, as well as brand new planes they'd ordered) so I wonder if they're just holding off on making seats available until they know what aircraft will be running the routes? Or maybe with COVID cut-backs its more efficient and cost effective for them to just offer economy for awhile? The new planes they ordered all include business and premium economy sections and seating so I can't imagine they're abandoning them entirely.

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To add to this, we have been waiting to book condor from Vancouver to Frankfurt in September. We have points we are trying to use that kind of forces us to use condor and as a result we’re trying to book business class in this route. However no option comes up for it regardless of what we do even changing departing cities etc.

I’ve watched a few condor reviews and their business class seemed somewhat substantial (25-30 seats?) but
Maybe they’ve removed them?

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Couple thoughts:

  1. Has there been an equipment change? According to SeatGuru, Condor only offers (angled) lie-flats on their 767-300ERs. Also, what they are selling as Premium Economy is the same width as their standard Economy, it just has more leg room (36 inch pitch vs. 30). If they've switched out to a 575, there are only PE and Economy seats.
  2. Is it possible Business is sold out for the flights you are looking at? You could look at Matrix Search ( and filter on Condor for airline and have it include flights without available seats.
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I have been following prices for a BWI to FRA flight in June and had seen Premium Economy prices until yesterday. The only thing available was economy. I did not see any PE or Business seats availability. I remember reading/hearing somewhere else (I just can’t remember where) that Condor was reducing its PE and Business seats and replacing it with all economy. I hope they bring back PE and I will be checking their website frequently

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I don't know anything specific to Condor, but I did read an article in The Economist (I think) recently, discussing how some airlines were phasing out business class seating. The intent was to increase seating in premium classes of "economy" which are in higher demand (and profitable). The number of business travelers (that is, people traveling for business) have declined due to the global economy.

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I just checked today and all three classes are available again on Condor for my BWI to FRA route.