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Condor delayed my flight two full days. Can I expect to receive a refund or future travel voucher?

I am hoping the RS community can give me advice on how to best handle my Condor issue.

I just received an email from Condor rescheduling and postponing our flight from Seattle to Frankfurt by two full days … from October 1st (arriving the 2nd) to October 3rd (arriving the 4th). This two-day delay simply does not work for us – my wife and I are meeting a group of friends on October 3rd to begin a two-week tour.

I copied their email verbatim:

“We're sorry to tell you that we have had to make some changes to your upcoming

Our flying programme has to be planned many months in advance and this means
sometimes we have to make changes. We've had to move you to another flight, so
please take note of the new flight number and departure details.

We appreciate that this may disrupt your travel plans, but we hope the new
flight schedule works for you. You can find your new flight details below.

To avoid any confusion at the airport, please don't forget to let the other
members of your party know of these new details.”

Before I contact Condor, any advice on canceling for a full refund? Condor’s email is very polite, but says nothing about my choices. I would prefer to cancel this Condor flight and receive a full refund so I can use the funds to purchase new tickets.

I don’t know European travel regulations … do I have the right to expect a refund from Condor since they made such a significant change in their schedule? If not a refund, should I at least expect to receive a voucher for the full value of a Condor flight in the future?

Thanks for any feedback.

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Call and ask them for a full refund. This is a totally different itinerary than the original. If I was in your place, I would not assume that this trip will go forward in general, so I would aim for getting my money back.

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I just received an email from Condor rescheduling and postponing our flight from Seattle to Frankfurt by two full days … from October 1st (arriving the 2nd) to October 3rd (arriving the 4th).... Condor’s email is very polite,

They are playing games. You are entitled to a full refund. The process sucks but call em up and get your money back.

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How long do I have to redeem my voucher?
Until 30th June 2022
What happens if I do not redeem my flight credit?
The value of the flight credit can be paid out from 1 January 2022.

Depending on when and what sort of ticket you have, you may be able to get a refund beginning Jan 2022, if you have not used the voucher by then. ( assumes they are still in business)

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I don’t know European travel regulations …
You don't have to as Condor flies in the US so they have to go by our laws. They changed my flight in Sept. from non-stop ANC to FRA to ANC-SEA-FRA. I called and after 15 minutes or so on hold the agent refunded both (non-refundable) out-going and returning tickets. No mention of a voucher. Very nice and helpful person. If you can call later at night or very early morning seems they are less busy then.

In my opinion I don't think Europe will be open for us before the end of the year.

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Thanks to all for your replies. I will let you know how it turns out.

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Condor cancelled our May flight completely and sent us a voucher. We contacted them and said due to our age (and the virus) we might not be traveling next year! It took awhile, (two months), but they cancelled our voucher and put the $$ back in our bank account. A different situation, but they did honor our request. I think you should have no trouble.

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Why not call and ask if there is an alternative flight that might suit you - one flying earlier, for example?
Regardless of the airline, whenever they change my flight to something I don't like, I immediately get onto their website and look at options that I will accept. (don't look at prices, just dates and times). I then call and say the change won't work for us. Offer the date and route you would accept and see if they will rebook to that one.
Now, occasionally, it means I have to leave ahead of plan, and that means an extra hotel cost or such, but sometimes that's the lesser or waiting for a refund, and not being able to rebook on an alternate airline at a much higher price. Consider it as added adventure days.

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Good news! I called the Condor 866 service number yesterday afternoon and they agreed without argument to cancel and refund the full amount of our flight. The funds will be returned to our credit card within 15 business days. They were very understanding … I suspect they are getting lots of my kind of calls. Resolving this situation is an example of why I try to book through the airline itself, rather than through a booking agency.