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Comparing Frankfurt-London vs. Paris-London

I;m interested in knowing which is best; we will most likely have a rental car out of Frankfurt which needs to be returned or we are considering purchasing a car there. We would possibly like to connect with a friend near Amsterdam at some point, but they may be willing to come to us in Germany if needed. Our flight home leaves from London(first week August), there will be 4 of us.
So, the options:
1) to take a plane from Frankfurt, or plane from Paris
2) train from Paris vs. any German border town to London(connect to ferry)
3) driving to near Amsterdam and taking ferry to Dover(?) from there.
4) what else??

Any information pro and con would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Pam in Bay Point, CA

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I will just make this comment, after eight trips to Europe from Australia in 9 years, I would suggest that Frankfurt Airport is more user friendly than Charles de Gaulle. I have decided that CDG is worse than Heathrow. However, if you are looking for other options, the Eurostar to London is a great way to go. You have choices from Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris. 2nd class is fine as it is only for three hours. You come into Waterloo and can get tube (underground) from there to all over London. Hope this helps. PottyaboutParis. Sydney Australia

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I wouldn't bother with the third option. You don't want the hassle of driving a car with the stearing wheel on the left hand side onto roads where we drive on the left. It's not worth the stress.

I'd look at which airport you fly out of London from ( it will most likely be either Heathrow or Gatwick ) and if you can connect into it from either Frankfurt or even Amsterdam that is what I'd do. If on the other hand you are in Paris I'd take the train, in fact I'm sorry to say I'd choose a bicycle sooner than walk into CDG again.