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Comfort in the Sky

OH my,
how will I
ever go back. economy.

I was lucky enough to be upgraded to business and was it great. How WILL I go back. Sigh. Look at the fares that sure does it!!!!!

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It's a mixed blessing isn't it... because now you know.

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Yep - I just flew Business Class for the first time too. I stretched out. I slept. I ate and didn't have a tray on my lap for an hour afterwards. The bathroom had lotion, mouthwash and a rose in a vase. I'm ruined forever.

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I was upgraded 3 times on the Seattle-Paris route when my husband wasn't traveling with me. Loved those flat beds with the soft comforters, and decent meals! I do have to sigh a little when I see the ice cream dessert cart going down the First Class aisle while sitting in Economy Plus. But, both sections will get me to Europe!

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I was fortunate enough to fly Business Class back from London last summer using airline points. The plane was delayed and I had four hours in the lounge at Heathrow. Its a whole new world out there! I had a shower, fixed my hair, and drank just a little wine as I ate from the complimentary breakfast and lunch buffet. On Board, I stretched out and took a long nap. I have flown this route over 25 times in economy and now I know how to get over jet lag. Fly business class! Sadly I will be back in economy looking for the cheap seats again this year.

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Support group being formed for those of us flying in what amounts to steerage.

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Bruce, sign me up!

The best I can do is Economy Comfort rather than Economy Discomfort (sardine class rather than anchovy class).

Still, if I compare a $2000+ difference in cost, that's about 15-20 more days of travel.

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Rick said the class of service in transit didn't matter as the arrival time is the same. Harrumph!

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My wife won't make the trip from California to Europe unless we go business class. Our first trip we had the miles, second trip we had enough miles to upgrade and our next trip I had to use mile and pay extra but it's worth it for us.
Here is a video of my favorite person on Youtube documenting a First Class trip on Emirates... Casey Neistat enjoy.

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Our last trip we cruised over and flew back in first - I am now spoiled. This trip we are flying over (first again ...thank you air miles) and cruising back. Cruising is far cheaper than paying for first or even business...if you have the time.

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I love flying up front as well, regardless of the distance! I usually accumulate frequent flyer miles through flights and credit cards. I follow a few travel blogs on Twitter and have found a lot of great deals on airfare, both economy and business class. My wife and I flew to London in business class on British Airways for a shade over $3,000 for both if us (total, not each). At the time, the economy fare wasn't that much lower! We are flying to Milan in October for $959 (total) thanks to a great Black Friday deal. If you are an AARP member, BA will give you a $400 per ticket discount on business class. Keep your eyes peeled and you will likely find some great deals in the future!

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Rick said the class of service in transit didn't matter as the arrival time is the same.

I think he was referring to trains.

The only thing I've ever heard him say about travel classes on airplanes is that he would rather sit in coach with noise canceling headphones than sit in business class without them.

I'd just rather sit in business class with them. And I do.

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I flew SwissAir and they let you bid to upgrade So essentially paid to upgrade, but it was a really low price and I decided that I would probably never get the opportunity to do this at a price I can afford.

However, since I can only manage a trip every other year or so while I am working, I have decided to save my nickels and dimes and fly over business and back premium economy. For me the trip starts when I got on the plane and I want to treat myself. I know that I could save money by flying economy, but after the last trip in business, I decided I want to arrive not feeling like a pretzel, totally tired because I was not able to sleep and my back aching because I could not find a comfortable position. If I have to be on a plane for 11 hours I want it to be at least tolerable. Plus, it is just plain fun and very nice to be treated like royalty It just boils down to where and how you want to spend your travel money and this is how I chose to spend mine.

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BA upgraded me to business this past summer returning to Philly. I was checking in online from my hotel room the evening before and saw that nice surprise. That was my first visit to the Heathrow lounge, and yes, it is a whole new world. I didn't know about the showers...

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I am sitting here now debating on springing for an upgrade on my flight to Madrid. Delta is offering it to me at pretty reasonable rate and since this is a 7 night trip I am trying to decide if it's worth it to arrive ready to go rather than exhausted :)

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Yes it was wonderful.

There was a sliding scale with the low end being somewhat reasonable and the upper end "You have to be kidding!! This is more than a one way ticket!!" You pick where on the scale you want to be and hit submit. I, of course, picked the lowest amount . I did not get it on the way over but did on the way back. I assume if there are empty business seats they pick the person how bid the highest.

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I have a rewards credit card and between that and the miles I accumulate from domestic travel, I am usually lucky enough to get a business class award ticket for my trips to Europe. It means getting my flight way in advance and occasionally I have a creative itinerary. But it's worth it. And I am with you. It will be hard to go back.

I have read that AA and United are going to offer a true "premium economy" class that have wider seats with more leg room, about the size of a domestic first class seat, with more of a recline, and better meals for their transatlantic flights. From the models, it looks to be a relatively small part of the plane. I am very curious to see what the prices will be for these seats and if this means business/first will get more expensive or require more reward miles.

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I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to fly in the premium cabins and it's quite the treat. Airlines and the traveling public have combined to make regular economy class pretty miserable for long haul flights. Hopefully they won't be introducing basic economy on intercontinental flights anytime soon.

Being able to step off a long flight to LHR and get fast track pass through passport control, walk over to the arrival lounge, enjoy a real cup of coffee and a hot shower? Priceless. And a great way to get energized for the long day ahead.

Years ago I treated myself to business class for a European trip. I was seated on my return flight from FRA to SFO when I heard my name on being called. I went over to the person looking for me. She looks at me and says "We have a seat in first for you if you would like it?" WOULD I LIKE IT? DOES A BEAR....err well you get the point. Super nice and a nice step up from business but not nearly as nice as from economy to business.

I'm trying out premium economy this year so we'll see. I think this may be the right price vs comfort trade off for me.

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We're flying over in business class in June. Delta deal for 99,000 miles. This is our first time in business and like some of you have said, I bet it will be hard to go back! We usually do spring for Comfort on Delta though, and book our seats early enough to get the roomy bulkhead seats, and yes, it's totally worth it. I've never even been upgraded to First but one time domestically, on a short 2 hour flight. Really looking forward to this trip!

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The trick is to get a job at an airline or find a good friend that works at one that flies international.
When I worked at Virgin Atlantic I flew in upper class 3 times roundtrip Chicago to London for free Those tickets go for 8k on up
.And you can get a massage on board
When I had a girlfriend who worked for United I flew business class international several times and paid couple hundred dlollars max for a companion pass.