Cologne Transportation options

I've already purchased point to point tickets for my major train transportation (Paris-Brussels-Cologne-CDG) but I'm now trying to figure out passes/etc. for travel while based in Cologne. I will be staying (most likely at the Hyatt Regency) in Cologne for 3 nights. I downloaded a VRS Guide that lists a variety of ticket options for Trams and Trains. Does that also include buses? I'm not sure if I understand the advantages of a RegioTicket vs. CityPlusTicket. Are there other options I should be looking at? I'm not sure where we might travel outside the city although Dusseldorf and Aachen are a couple possibilities. Most likely we would keep travel within a 1 hr radius from Cologne. Travel will be in early December if it matters. I've been to Germany before (Munich, Rothenburg, Nurnburg, etc.) but not in the Cologne area. Thanks Thanks

Posted by Jim
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Neuss is within 45 to 60 minutes away. Not sure how you would do it without a car, but they have the Skihall, an indoor ski slope similar to the one in Dubai. Aachen is interesting; Dusseldorf is fun, especially near the water-front.Belgium is also trainable.

Posted by Lee
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I think the City-Ticket-Plus is for a smaller area than the Regio-Ticket, so it depends on where you want to go. I think all of the tickets cover all conveyances of the VRS (regional trains, trams, S-Bahn, buses) of the VRS. In case you haven't already found it, here is their website. To see what ticket level you need, put in from and to in the timetable page. Note, there is also a Länder-Ticket for the entire Land of Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Posted by Nigel
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I've enjoyed Aachen with the Charlemagne Cathedral, the smelly water fountain, my favourite brush store (I need another hair brush so will have to go back soon), a fun town to walk around.

Posted by Philip
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It looks as if the RegioTicket covers the entire VRS area (which will probably NOT include Duesseldorf) and the CityPlusTicket is Cologne plus suburbs.