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CityLink Busses in Scotland - 2022 Thread

Hey all - getting ready for my Scotland tour in June! We are finishing up in Edinburgh on a Sunday, then heading out to Inverary castle, followed by 2 nights in Glasgow. My mom & I both will have not-too-large check-in size suitcases and don't want to rent a car, so taking the CityLink bus. My questions are:

  1. It looks like the 3 day Explorer pass would work for us - 3 days unlimited travel over 5 days. But it seems too good to be true?? It's £45 each - which is the cost of a 1-way ticket from Edinburgh to Inverary. Am I missing something??

  2. Has anyone taken the CityLink from Glasgow straight to the Edinburgh airport? I'm wondering if we want to stay a last night in Edinburgh to avoid the stress of getting to the airport? Glasgow isn't far away from US standards but no idea of the traffic?

  3. Are we going to have issues with the check-in sized suitcases? I assume you can put them under the bus. Any reason for concern about theft? I assume anyone on the bus is fine but not sure about the major bus stations in Glasgow & Edinburgh.

Thanks so much!

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I don't know your exact travel date, but I just checked Sunday, June 5 and found a ticket from Edinburgh to Inveraray for under 22.40 GBP on all 7 buses listed for that day. Only 5 buses popped up for this coming Sunday; I don't know whether the others are sold out or it's just that more buses run in June than in April. But the 5 available buses were also priced at 22.40 GBP.

The price I'm seeing for the 3-days-in-5 pass is 49 GBP.

It might still be worthwhile for you, depending on what other trips you're taking.

Your bag will definitely not be a problem on the bus; it will go in the hold. I don't think theft of suitcases is much of a thing anywhere, but it's a good idea to keep your hand on it as much as you can while you're waiting at the bus station, etc. It's much more likely someone will try to lift a cell phone out of a pocket, or something like that--though I don't think Scotland is exactly a hotbed of petty theft.