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Cinque Terre to Florence

So my fiancee and I are in the process of planning our honeymoon and we've been able to figure out all the legs of our journey except for one. We were planning on walking the Cinque Terre and finishing on Friday 10/12 of this year. We wanted to spend the night in Riomaggiore and then head to Florence on the 13th, which is a Saturday. I keep reading about a local train from Genoa to La Spezia, so I figured that would be the connecting option from Riomaggiore. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a schedule anywhere for that train. So my question is, does anyone know how to get from Riomaggiore to Florence?!? Is a taxi or bus from Riomaggiore to La Spezia the only option? Thanks for your help!!


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there is a train from Cinque Terre to La Spenzia. It is the Cinque Terre train...then you connect the train to Piza(great city,walkable center)then to Florence...I went 2 years ago...Cinque Terre is great,yopu should spend longer there if possible.Colleen

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Does the Cinque Terre train pick up in all of the towns along the way? Or only a select few? Thanks for your response!!

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There are a few different trains that go through the Cinque Terre. We took the train from Siena to Monterosso, and changed trains in Empoli and Pisa Centrale. There was also a stop in Sarzana, north of Pisa. From Sarzana, you can take a faster/more direct train that stops in Monterosso (only Cinque Terre town it stops in - that happened to be the train we were on from Pisa Centrale), or you can take the slower "milk-run" train (as Rick calls it) that stops in every single Cinque Terre town (and many other towns along the way).

After visiting Monterosso, we then went by train to Florence. If you're coming from Riomaggiore, you'll need to take that smaller "milk-run" train going south towards Pisa and change trains in Pisa, or could take the "milk-run" train up to Monterosso and catch the faster train down to Pisa Centrale.

I found the best way to figure out trains before we left the US was with the English version of Trenitalia's site:

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Look for train schedules from La Spezia to Firenze. You will take the local train from Riomaggiore to La La Spezia, then (probably) catch another train to Pisa &/or Firenze. Some schedules might take you through Viareggio. It is not an easy area for quick or simple train travel. Travel light and hopping on and off trains will be easier. There are some decent hotels in La Spezia. If you want to take an early train to Firenze it would be easier from La Spezia.

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I stayed 3 nights in Riomaggiore on the Cinque Terre. It was towards the end of May 2007. It is so beautiful I wanted to stay longer.

It has been discovered by everybody. It is crowded but don't let that deter you from walking the thousand year old village paths along the cliffs above the Mediterranean Sea. The views are breath-taking.

I walked the number 2 path from Riomaggiore to Monterosso. It is 9 km and it took me 5 hours. The path goes through Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. I took my time and visited each of these small villages. It is hilly in some areas. You will work up a sweat. I belong to a runners club and do a lot of running so the hike didn't bother me but I saw many people huffing and puffing.

If you walk as I did the path ends at the beach in Monterosso. Either wear of take your swimsuit with you and go for a swim like I did. It really felt good and there are fresh water showers to wash the salt off. Also, walk some of the other paths.

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Hi Everyone,

Do you know if it is possible to go from Florence to La Spezia via train on a Sunday? I have checked the train schedules and cannot find one for Sunday. If there is not a train, is there another way to get there on a Sunday?

Thank you!

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I just did the same route. Trains stop in all of the CT towns. There is usually one going from each town to La Spezia about every half hour. There is no problem booking the day you are traveling. Train from Riomaggiore to La Spezia. From there you can buy a ticket to Florence and these go about every hour or so. Ask which train to get on because some go directly to Florence and some connect in Pisa. You could also buy a ticket all the way to Florence in Riomaggiore but you will still have to switch trains along the way. Happy Travels! You will love the CT!