Cinque terra trails

We are going to Italy this June and have a two night stay in the cinque terra. We are staying in manarola. Wondering if most of the trails between the villages are open at this point? Specifically the trail from riomaggiore to manarola? Also wondering how difficult these trails? thank you

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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nancy, At the present time, ALL of the Sentiero Azzurro (No. 2) trails in the Cinque Terre are still closed. However, it's expected that at least some of them will be re-opened near the beginning of April when the tourist season starts. As you won't be heading there until June, you'll need to check prior to your trip to see the current status. This website has details: Regarding "difficulty" of the trails.... The famous Via dell'Amore from Manarola to Riomaggiore is the easiest, since it's mostly flat and paved. There's a nice Bar close to the Manarola end where you can get a "cool one" and admire the fantastic views. The segment from Manarola to Corniglia is a bit more difficult, but not overly so. It was closed for most/all of last season, so not sure if or when it will be open again? From Corniglia to Vernazza is more strenuous again, but if you take it slow you shouldn't have any trouble. The segment from Vernazza to Monterosso is the most challenging as it has a climb at both ends. It's not overly difficult but does take some effort (especially at the Monterosso end). The middle section is fairly easy, although there are some narrow parts. For those wanting to hike the entire route, I'd suggest starting at the Monterosso end when they're fresh and well rested. Most people hike one direction and then return via local trains or boat. Note that you'll need a Park Pass to hike ANY of the No. 2 trails. You can buy that at the start of each trail or at the local stations. Happy travels!