checking for change in air reservation?

A naive question: I've seen folks referring to regularly checking for changes in their air reservation. I've never done this and am wondering about logistics. Dumb question... but do you actually call the airline routinely to check for changes, or can this be done on line? My next flight is Delta codeshare with Air France and KLM. How would I go about monitoring for changes in my reservation, and with whom? It would be very difficult to accomidate significant changes in flight plans on this trip.

Posted by Bets
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Whichever airline is actually doing the flying will have issued a confirmation number for you. You can find this by calling the Delta/AF/KLM reservation line. After that, use the confirmation number to check on line whenever you want. I'm sort of like Terry katheryn in that I check my reservations once in a blue moon-- but I do check.

Posted by Karen
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More specifically for Delta, go to, to My Trips, and use the confirmation number to check your reservation. It will pull up your flights and show seat selection, times, connections, etc.

Posted by Sherry
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Thanks to all of you for the detailed responses. I guess I've been a little naive, and very lucky, just showing up at the airport assuming all will be well. I'll keep on eye on my existing reservations.

Posted by Frank
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It really depends on how far in advance you made the reservation. We generally check about a month out and the last week. Only once do we have a major change that caused some problems on an European flight. Have had a number of "equipment changes" on domestic flights that caused seat changes but those are minor. The airline claims they will notify you but it is spotty especially if the ticket was purchased through a third party like Orbitz or Kayak. It is wise to check.