Check Double Check and Triple Check Seat Assignments on Delta

So....after reading a post on here about seats changing prior to departure, I began watching my reservations to Europe. Twice they moved us apart (tix linked)but I was able to move us back together. Then I checked last week...and they have resat us across the plane from each other for our flight from ATL to CDG. This time, the seats are Economy Comfort and there are NO seats left together for me to move us to since departure is not that far away. I called Delta and was basically told, "Well it looks like it was a plane change (although the same number of EC seats seem to be on the new plane), we can refund the money you paid for the upgrade"....THIS is not what I want...when I booked the flight I had my choice of EC seats! I asked if they can move the person sitting next to me to where my husband is's an aisle-to-aisle exchange and she said, "Oh no, I couldn't do that." Well, how did my seats get changed in the first place?? This trip was a in year in the making, is the honeymoon turned anniversary my husband and I never had (even if it is 30 years later), I am an extremely nervous flier, have never flown overseas before and have a boot from my foot to my knee right now that may or may not be off by flight time, which would require me moving about the cabin fairly frequently. Is it possible we were bumped by Medallion members or people using Skymiles? I am so upset right now...I feel like I have been penalized for booking early. And then to top off the conversation, the agent ends the conversation by saying, "Sorry I couldn't help you, but can I interest you in the Delta SkyMiles Card by AMEX?" LOL....really?!? I said, "I already have one, but I'll be rethinking that decision too." So, check, double check and triple check your seats folks....if anyone has any advice, I'm all ears...

Posted by Debra
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Cici, Wow, that really stinks! I haven't had this specific thing happen to me, but unfortunately airlines do this type of thing happens all the time. I just recently came home from Spain and before I left I found out my outbound flight was moved up an hour (not a big deal, but I was not notified at all!). I would say try not to be too upset about it because it's a vacation you should be excited for, not stressed about! :) But anyway, if other people can't offer actual advice that will help you resolve the problem before you go, I would suggest talking to the people sitting around you and/or your husband once you get on the plane. I would be truly shocked if you can't find someone who will switch seats so that you can sit together. I see people do this on flights all the time and frankly I've never seen anyone say no, especially when you're trading for the same type of seat (aisle for aisle, etc.). But above all, try not to let it affect your excitement for the trip. It sounds like you've been waiting a long time for it and been planning it for even longer. And while it will be an annoyance, it's not going to stop you from getting to your destination to be able to have the trip of your dreams. Good luck and I do hope your boot comes off before the trip!

Posted by Rose
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Whoa! Take a deep breath and count to three. Your flight wasn't cancelled; there was only an equipment change and the new plane may have a different seating configuration. If you can't change it before departure, go to the counter at your assigned gate when you get to the airport and speak with the Delta representative. Get there early so you can be the first person to approach the counter as soon as the gate opens and a representative is there to prepare for the boarding sequence. They may be able to assist you immediately, especially if you say you're a nervous flyer, etc. If that doesn't work, when you board the plane often other passengers seated near you will be kind and change seats to help you. Not always, but I have seen it happen many times. Good luck! The end of the world would be if your flight was cancelled altogether and you lost a day of your vacation because there was no other flight they could put you on - or there are much worse things....

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All of the previous advise and when you get there early, ask for upgrades to business.

Posted by Nancy
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I'm sorry that happened to you, but it's not an insurmountable problem. You will most likely be able to switch seats when you check in. "Is it possible we were bumped by Medallion members or people using Skymiles?"
Does it matter? Whether you were or not, it doesn't change anything. Just check in early and ask what they can do for you.

Posted by Kris
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Hi Cici - the airlines have no regard for their customers - it's inexcusable to separate linked tickets. My only suggestion is since you got a useless customer service rep when you called to possibly call daily in the hopes of getting someone more understanding. I hope, despite this frustration, that your trip is everything you are hoping for!

Posted by Cici
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Thanks for the replies...our plan is to be at the gate early and see what can be done and worst case, be prepared to see if someone is willing to change seats. Yes, you are correct and thanks for helping put it in it not the end of the world, it really doesn't matter why we were moved and we are happy it is only a plane change. It just irks me that WE are the ones that Delta has put the onus on us to fix a problem that they created. Take care and have a great day...Cici

Posted by Roy
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Not letting the airlines off the hook, but a lot of the time it is computers, not humans,making seat reassignments. Sometimes airline agents can change them, but sometimes they are locked out. Sometimes, however, the agents are either too low in rank or too inexperienced to bypass the system. I would call back and try again when a different agent answers, and, if that fails, ask to speak to a supervisor. Then, repeat the process the next day. If that fails, you can still try in person when checking in and/or onboard.

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When hubby and I were flying back from UK last year, we ended up on opposite sides of the airplane (for some reason, I could only check in at the airport, online wouldn't let me, and seats were mostly full). I don't sweat it too much...I'm only gonna watch movies/sleep anyway, but I'm not a nervous flyer. The reason I'm telling this is there was an Indian woman whose husband was apart from her, so she asked if I would swap seats, no problem (I ended up a little closer to hubby, but still a few rows up and across the airplane). Hopefully you'll have someone who will swap with you. The only confusion happened when they came around with the 'special request meal' for the man who was originally in my seat. That was funny - I forgot for a few seconds about swapping and was wondering why I was getting this funky meal, then remembered...'Oh yeah...he's up a few rows.'

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Cici, I hope it works out for you. If it's any consolation, I have an upcoming flight and am signed up to receive email notification alerts of any changes. I've received 3 alerts about changes! Two were minor time changes, but one was an equipment change to a larger aircraft - indicating most likely that demand on the route has increased. I phoned Delta immediately to confirm that I still had my seat preferences. I did, but am now in a row with two other passengers instead of one. It's more awkward to get out of a window seat (my preference) in a row of 3, especially if the other passengers mostly sleep, so I try to avoid it. But I hold my breath every time a notification alert arrives, wondering if the flight's been cancelled. Unfortunately, all kinds of things happen every day in air travel that we have little or no control over. The bottom line for me has become 'please just get me there relatively on time and in one piece with my luggage'. I've had fewer problems when using non-U.S. carriers, but they're not immune either. I hope you have a good trip.

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We are hoping that if all else fails at the gate, we will be able to swap seats once aboard. I, too, signed up for email notification alerts but only received one about an arrival time change....not for any of the three times our seats were changed. LOL...I agree the end, just get us and our luggage from A to B in one piece! Thanks for the ideas....have a great day! Cici

Posted by pat
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Cici that does stink.. they are stinkers! I suggest that rather then waiting till you are at the gate you go very early and talk to someone at the check in desks, even if you have boarding passes and could go straight to gate , this is what I would do anyways.
I understand that when one is a nervous flyer its nicer to have someone beside you that you know.

Posted by Terry kathryn
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As the time gets closer there are often other seats that become available. Whenever I don't get the answer I want I will call back in the hopes of getting someone who will help me. Try again on the phone numerous times, and again at the ticket counter. It's unfortunate, and I always have to try to remember not to be indignant, because at that point they have all the power.

Posted by Kira
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Take a deep breath. Sh** like this meanings NOTHING when you factor in the amazingness of an anniversary 30 years on. LOVE is the answer. I mean that. Everything stinks as pertains to flights these days. We are all flying at the mercy of the merging conglomerates. We bought bulkhead seats on Air France recently... money up front ... and when we checked in were told NOPE! kiddies get those seats, suck it full-paying adults. Flying is dreadful. Nothing you do can get out in front of or obviate what the airlines are doing to pinch pennies. Go on your second honeymoon. Cherish each other. Have a great time in Europe! Forget dealings with the airlines. You are off to an amazing adventure. Don't sweat the small stuff!

Posted by Swan
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On a recent United flight I was asked to change seats so a couple could sit together. No problem; and the people were nice. Bulkhead seats have more foot room and less luggage room. Often these seats are used for people with babies and other special cases. On one flight a woman seated elsewhere had a panic attack and was brought to sit next to me, along with an oxygen tank. She demanded attention until the crew just started ignoring her. I ignored her as much as possible. I have quit requesting bulkhead for these reasons. The constant distraction of children, etc., interferes with my ability to relax. If offered an upgrade, whether free or with a charge, note the location of the seats available. Sometimes these "better" seats are in the middle of a row and represent no improvement over the original seat. The better seats are usually (always) forward of the regular economy seats. That is their main advantage, to me.

Posted by Cici
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Pat, didn't think to talk to the check in folks, thanks for the tip...and yes, most of my concern is because I KNOW what kind of flier I am (the poor guy now sitting next to me does not) and over the years, DH has perfected various ways to help me be less anxious (I never know what he is going to try next and the "help" never seems obvious). Terry are correct...I try always to be gracious but in cases like this, even more gracious, as I know it is not the fault, per se, of the person assisting me at that immediate moment and that they do indeed hold all the cards...but thank you for the reminder. Kira...thank you for your kind words....I am refocusing my attentions to the trip and all of the exciting things we have planned over the past year and yes! It will be absolutely fabulous...I am certain! Swan...this is a main concern for me too and why I prefer them NOT to reseat us ahead of time on their own....I know from past experience I can go "from the frying pan to the fire" in a matter of one simple mouse click!! You all are great....thanks so much for your posts....Cici