Cheapest way to travel from Bruge to Stockholm while stopping on the way

I'm studying abroad over winter break and have 8 days of free travel once my course is done in London. With this time I would like to go visit a friend who lives in Stockholm, however I would like to make some stops on the way being that this is only my second time to Europe. My plan is as follows: London, Bruges, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, and finally Stockholm. I was curious as to what was the most time and money efficient way to go about this and if I would even have time to squeeze all those cities in that short of time. Thanks for your help!

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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On Amsterdam to Hamburg and Hamburg to Copenhagen you can get Europa Spezials on for €39. Geographically - or actually the way rail-lines are built - you may have to change trains from Amsterdam to Hamburg either in Düsseldorf or Cologne. With you being a student I would like to point out that Cologne is one of the party capitals in Europe, definitely No. 1 in Germany - and the most "Bohemian" city after Prague. There are also very cheap flights from DUS and CGN airports...

Posted by Douglas
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The cheapest way would probably be by flying a discount airline. But that doesn't allow you to stop along the way. As a student, you may be able to get some discounted train fares. And remember that discount airlines strictly enforce minimal luggage limits. So expect to pay more for bags. A Eurail pass might actually work for you given the amount of travel you are doing, so compare prices on that as well. Even as a student, I think your itinerary is too aggressive. You have 5 stops in 8 days. That's less than 2 days per stop not counting travel. Brugges can be seen in a day and Amsterdam is close by. Amsterdam would be fun for any college student so I'd hate to think of you spending less than a couple days there. So I'd pick either Hamburg (haven't been so can't comment) or Copenhagen. Copenhagen needs 2-3 days and is a great city for young people. Stockhom is a 5+ hour train ride from Copenhagen, so factor in travel time if you are not flying. Amsterdam has an overnight train to Copenhagen.