Cheapest Flight to Europe

I'm looking for the cheapest flight to Europe. The location isn't important as long as I can get a flight on one of the low-cost airlines in Europe to where I want to go. Right now, I can't find a web-site that finds the lowest cost to anywhere in Europe, I have to name a city. Can anyone help me with this? What's the lowest cost city to fly into?

Posted by gone
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hi, try using or You dont have to put in an exact airport, just choose the general city/location. from there you should see some price differences. also, i would look at the larger citys another hint, look at different days of the week too. some people have had good luck with waiting until the last minute and looking for flights. example. If you want to leave within several months, look for flights tomorrow or the next few days and see what pops up. one thing tho is that waiting until the last minute isnt a guarantee to get a cheap seat. i would think it would depend on the if it was tourist season or the off seasons. other than looking at individual airlines for specials. im going to Europe this Sept and my Round Trip (r/t) tickets to Amsterdam will be about 1300 USD. Thats about 300 USD more from last March when i was there.. A friend took the same flight and then onto London for a R/T cost of 800 USD - the catch was the flight was in January. i dont know of any flight web crawler that will let you leave out a destination. but if others know, i would like to know too. also, i really dont know of any "low cost" city to fly to. I would belive it would be dependant on where others are arriving from. To me, you are going to have to wait for others that fly out of your local airport or do some typing yourself. another comment. Once youre over here you can find inexpensive puddle jumpers. Or if it isnt too far, Train travel isnt that expensive either. It will depend on what you want to do or if you have a schedule. just a comment. traveling isnt cheap. happy trails.

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From California I have in recent yrs found Geneva, Frankfurt and Zurich to be the lowest in fares when I use Star Alliance carriers like United. however often times the low cost carriers in Europe fly out of minor airports so it is not always as cheap and efficient as one would think. Additional traveltime and costs perhaps lodging associated with often negates the option as a good one.
Certain airports like Amsterdam and London have tacked on additional fees for environmental reasons making additionally difficult to find a great fare to these airports anymore.

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Also look at Icelandic, Air Lingus, and Air Berlin. You'll have more choice if you can get up to Chicago.

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When you go into click the arrow next to VACATIONS and it brings up a section called MORE, in the middle of the second section click on EXPLORE, put in the airport you're flying out of and the month you want to fly, click on EUROPE in the left side of screen and it will show you rates to many cities in Europe.

Posted by David
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Unfortunately you didn't say when you wanted to go to Europe. Generally speaking: Your least expensive way to Europe from Louisville will be flying to Dublin, and catching a budget air carrier from there. London Heathrow is the next least expensive followed by Barcelona.
Other airports in Europe are substantially more than these cities.

Posted by David
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If you drove 170 miles to Nashville (BNA), you could also fly to Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Manchester and Madrid for reasonable prices. I've found Nashville to generally be the cheapest place to fly out of in the Mid South.
Chattanooga has 3 days in May flying into London that are approx. $500 cheaper than the rest of the month at $951.

Posted by Sarah
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I've been doing the same thing as you. I think a Rick Steves source said to go to Dublin, then take a cheapo flight through European companies. I haven't bought the ticket as yet, but it was $1,200 cheaper, each way, business class. I'm as cheap as I can be; I have to fly business if I want to move in my destination country.

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hi again, take a look here. its a graphic representation of fairs and the world map. you will have to determine if its "cheapest" for you. Your text to link here... happy trails.

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Ray's recommended site is great! Just what I was looking for.