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Cheap flights this Dec. from Dublin to Rome

Help! I've searched, ryanair, easyjet, bmi baby, alitalia, aerlingus, and a dozen other sites- I CANNOT find anything under $600 for 2 people to travel from Dublin Ireland, to Rome, Italy the week of Dec. 22nd. Am I doomed because of the holiday, or are there any other sites I've overlooked??

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You must have entered something wrong on the Ryanair site. I just found tickets for Dublin-Rome Ciampino for €25.99/person (€64.36/person with taxes and fees) for two flights on 22 December.

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RyanAir either leaves a 6 AM, which means getting to the airport at 4 AM, or gets to Ciampino after 8 PM, which means into Rome after 9 PM. BTW, I just looked at the Ryan site, and everyday but Mon had taxes, fees, and online booking for €76 for 2P, and that doesn't include the fare.