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I am planning a trip to Europe. It's actually a second trip, as I am already booked on a river cruise in Oct. 2014. I want to do a bus tour before the river cruise. It will begin and end in Rome, so I need to get from Rome to Vienna, and then Munich to Rome, if I buy a roundtrip ticket from my home to Rome. I have not purchased any airline tickets yet, and I just learned my additional charges will increase my travel insurance by $235 (ugh!). I have looked on the internet (Expedia and Trip Advisor). I am not sure how to approach the flights in Europe, and want to get the best deal when I fly to Europe too. Are there travel agents who just deal in airfares? I normally use VacationsToGo, but it appears they can't be of much help with flights inside Europe, but they have gotten me some good fares from the US to Europe. The airfares on the internet are not out for Oct. 2014, but even if they were, I am almost afraid to commit. HELP!!! Barbara Meshanko

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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You may be able to simplify your itinerary by flying "open jaw", into Rome and out of Munich. (Choose the multicity option in searches) The cost should not be much more than roundtrip to Rome, and you have to figure that getting from Munich to Rome will cost you in total at least $100 maybe $200. So far as Rome to Vienna, check two airlines, Austrian Airlines and Meridiana. Both fly ro Vienna and are in the Range of $100 to $200 US. Another option would be a Night Train, still in the same cost range, but obviously taking all night. Make sure you read the rules for the flight, you will likely be limited in the baggage you can take, less a concern with the train. All options you can book directly.

Posted by Charles
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Another vote for night trains. I have done the Rome to Munich one and it was very convenient. I believe there is one from Rome to Vienna. That would save you time for sure.