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Cheap flights from Eastern Canada..well Ontario and the Maritimes

Thought I should post that Globespan are advertising flights from Hamilton Airport [half hour west of Toronto] to most major UK airports [Gatwick/Glasgow/Manchester etc]. They only fly limited months from June to September 22nd but I priced a return flight for me and my wife and it was $1286 including taxes.[yes $1286 for two people] Excellent price. Also, Hamilton is a small airport and apparently has cheap weekly parking [and airport taxes are cheaper]. And...we could still use the Eurostar to Paris and still come in under what the cost of a flight to Paris was.
Posted this just incase as people are concerned about the current high cost of flights. is their site.
Meant to add that they stop in Halifax on the way overseas..which is why I included the Maritimes. From my understanding the parking fees at the airport are $50 a week and its an easy drive from Buffalo and the Niagara/Fort Erie border crossings.

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