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Charlotte International Airport Customs

Hello all, I have a quick question that I hope can be answered asap. My younger sister is flying back to the United States tomorrow after visiting for 2 weeks with me in Germany for her graduation present. She will be flying through Charlotte International with a connecting flight to Bristol Tn. My question is; has anyone been through their customs lately that could give me an idea of how it is worked in that particular airport? I have never flown through Charlotte and my younger sister is the type that she likes to know exactly what will happen and what to do when traveling. This will be her first time coming back into the states, so she is wondering what steps are taken once she departs the airplane in Charlotte until the time she gets through security to go to her next gate. ( I have told her its common sense, but I am a seasoned traveler and she isn't, so I can understand how it might seem a bit daunting) Are there 2 separate custom areas (one for arrivals and one for connecting flights) or do they all go to one area? I have told her that she will grab her bag, show her passport, place her bag on a belt or area and then go through security, but since I haven't been through CLT, I'm not exactly for sure how to explain exactly the steps she will be taking. I know this might seem a bit annoying, but she just wants to make sure she is good to go. Thanks!

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Amanda: As I recall it is quite a simple process. She will be directed to retrieve her luggage and immediately will pass through a customs inspection station. (Please note it is right by the luggage carousel. Tell her to watch the other passengers and get in line.) After passing customs those continuing on another flight will be separated from those passengers stopping in Charlotte. She will recheck her luggage and be directed as to what gate she needs to go to for her next flight. Believe me it is not difficult, just follow directions and if all else fails "ask someone"! Good Luck!
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Thanks, I told her that since she is a U.S citizen, it shouldn't take too long. But she has never flown international before. Explaining her trip from the U.S to Germany was easy, but hard to explain what it would be like flying back because all airports have different operations as to how they handle their customs.