Changing trains in Verona

I'm purchasing compulsory seat reservations on a trip from Venice to Munich. However, there is a change of trains in Verona with a transfer time of only 4 minute. Is this doable? The reservations indicate the train from Venice is Train #9708 and the next train is Brennero #88, but I can't tell whether the platforms are in close proximity or if this is even possible. Any advice on this? Thanks, Kevin

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Track changes are frequent, even more so than gate changes for flights. 4 minutes is really short especially if there is even a slight delay.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Kevin, Could you clarify if you're researching the entire route from Venice to Munich, or looking at each leg separately? Which website are you using? I've only been able to find the ES-9708 train by checking each leg, with departure at 07:50 and arrival in Verona at 09:00. The second train is EC-88 (EuroCity), departing Verona at 09:04 and arriving Munich at 14:25. As I recall, the platforms in Verona are in two different locations. With the trains you're using, the trains will likely be in the same section, but four minutes is still a VERY short connection time, and perhaps not realistically possible. I checked the schedules for the entire route, and if you used #ES-9704 which departs Venice at 06:50, you'd still arrive in Munich at 14:25 and (IMO) that would allow a much "safer" connection in Verona. It's a large and busy station, so you could stop for breakfast or a snack (as I recall, there's even a McDonald's in the station). I believe it's currently being renovated so the station layout and facilities may be a bit different since I was there last September. The trip through the Brenner Pass is beautiful, and one that I always enjoy. The train will stop for a few minutes at the border point to change engines. Happy travels!

Posted by Lee
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Taking the 6:50 train from Venice is actually the connection the Bahn recommends. If you haven't already booked Verona to Munich, EC 86 goes direct (no change in Verona) from Venice at 13:34 and gets to Munich at 20:25. It gets to the top of Brenner pass at 5:50 PM and stops in Innsbruck at 6:30 PM, so unless it's in the dead of winter, you'll have daylight over the pass.