Changing my reservation on Trenitalia

I have booked an overnight 4-bed couchette from Rome to Milan commencing in two weeks. I realized I could have clicked on the reduced fare but neglected to do so. I could save $110, so I am trying to get it done. When I plug in the information I received on my confirmation email from Trenitalia (to try to change reservation), they say they don't recognize my email address. I could rebook the discounted fare and cancel the full price fare, but does anyone know if I will pay a cancellation penalty? I can try to call their phone number in Italy, but I've heard you can't get through. Could use some advice. Thank you!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Daryl, I'm a bit curious - why did you book an overnight train and Couchette (I'm assuming you mean "four beds"?) from Rome to Milan. That's only a 2H:55M journey, so a night train is not really the best choice. Cheers!

Posted by Daryl
Norwell, MA
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As we wanted to spend our last day seeing Switzerland (before flying out the following morning from Geneva), I figured we'd hop on train instead of going to bed in Rome. That way, we could be in Milan at 6:55AM. One problem for us is that when I went to book overnight train, there were no 3-bed sleeper compartments left. I booked an entire 4-bed couchette compartment. I have considered leaving first thing next morning from Rome. I also was thinking I'd save the money on a hotel (although this 4-bed couchette at "full fare" is costing me 287 Euros!) Where I've paid "full fare", I'm hoping to change to the discounted fare, or I would be happy to hear suggestions. Perhaps, we stay in Rome one more night, and head out first thing in the morning.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Daryl, when you made your reservation, did you register with Trenitalia? And, in order for them to be less confused by your email address have you tried using capital letters where they may have seen a capital letter when you registered?

Posted by Bob
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Hi Daryl. The trenitalia web site has detailed cancel / refund conditions; it says you can change to another full fare for no charge, or get a refund prior to journey with a 20% penalty. One thing you could do is buy the new discount tix (night or day train) and then wait and get your 80% refund in person when in Italy. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Daryl
Norwell, MA
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Thanks for the help. Trenitalia did, indeed, recognize my email address with capital letters. Thanks for the info. on the 20% cancel fee. I had read that, but was hopeful that it didn't apply to my particular situation; oh well!