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Change seat reservation with German Rail Pass

I have a 7-day flexi German Rail Pass 1st Class (can use 7 days in a 30 day period) to be used during my study abroad program. I want to reserve seats for a few ICE rides.
I want to ask whether I can change my seat reservation with the pass only in case anything happened.

And also, can I reserve seats before I activate my pass?

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Reservations and tickets live in different universes. So you can get a ticket without a reservation, and a reservation without a ticket. It is only when you are finally on a train that you need to be in possession of both.
A pass serves as a ticket.

So yes, you can book reservations in advance, even before you have the pass.

However you should not do this. Reservations are non-refundable, and cannot be changed. Only make them when you are sure. And you can easily get reservations for most trains even on the day of travel itself, and anyway, in Germany reservations are not compulsory. So you can just get on the train you want and look for a free seat.