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CDG to Arras on the RER

At CDG airport I have to get to the RER train. Is this hard to find in that huge airport? Thanks for any help anyone can give me, what signs to watch out for etc.
someone told me it’s tricky to find.
Nancy Clarkson

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You don't take the RER from CDG to Arras. The RER is the suburban commuter train to Paris.
Normally, you can take a long distance TGV train from CDG to Arras, from the TGV station at the airport ("Gare TGV") which is well signposted. There are a few departures every day (2-3 perhaps).
If the times for that do not fit your schedule then you have to go via Gare du Nord Station in Paris. You would then need to take the RER from the airport (well signposted) to Gare du Nord, then go up to the mainline train station ("Grandes Lignes") for the trains to Arras.

But neither the TGV station nor the RER stations are tricky to find. Signage is good. Only thing is that if you land at terminal 1 you need to take a shuttle train to the stations. Just follow the signs for RER or TGV.

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Is this "someone" a person who travels regularly to CDG? I ask because I didn't have that experience at all and I'm a relative newbie to CDG.

I arrived at Terminal 2E from JFK and found the signage to the RER B (the only RER line that goes to/from CDG) to be ubiquitous and therefore quite easy. Nothing "tricky" whatsoever and I've only traveled to CDG twice in my life; the more recent was 11 months ago.

The closest "Arras" I see in Google maps is Rue d'Arras. Is that what you mean or are you referring to Arras, France which is north of of CDG?

If you wish to avoid something that is "tricky" to locate, it is necessary to be specific about your destination. Enjoy your trip!

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Thankyou. TGV is the train I want, I believe there is a direct train leaving for Normandy about 1 ish pm, which works for my disembarking.
I was just wondering if it was hard to find the signs and buy tickets for this Western Canada tourist who isn’t used to travelling or huge airports. Nancy

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Hi Nancy,

It can be confusing, so it's good to be prepared. First, Arras is not in Normandy; it's in Picardy not far from the Belgian border, and has a wonderful monument to Canadians who died in WWI. Not sure if you are flying Air Canada or another airline. Most Air Canada flights land at Terminal 2A, so if you're on that airline, after going through passport control you will have to walk to the train station, which is between terminals 2C/D and 2E/F. Here is a link to a photo guide that directs you to the train station and the RER station ( You want to follow the signs that say "Gare SNCF/Railway Station."

If your flight lands at Terminal 1, there is an extra step you need to take, so check with your airline and then get back to us if you're landing at Terminal 1. Good luck.

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I believe there is a direct train leaving for Normandy about 1 ish pm, which works for my disembarking.

Planes usually arrive on time, but not always. Sometimes they are significantly delayed. When you book a connecting flight on the same ticket the airline has the responsibility to get you to your destination if you miss the connecting flight. When you are taking a flight and then a train it's up to you to get there if you miss the train.

I suggest researching the alternatives in advance (you'll likely need to take the RER into Paris and then buy a ticket for the next train) so that if worst comes to worst and you don't make the 1pm train that you're not standing at CDG trying to figure out what to do next. Or you could book a hotel in Paris for the nite of your arrival and then take the train to Arras the next morning.

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"I believe there is a direct train leaving for Normandy about 1 ish pm, which works for my disembarking."

There are no direct trains from CDG to Normandy so either there is no direct train or Arras must not be in Normandy. It turns out that Arras is in the recently created Hauts-de-France region (the merger of Picardy and Nord-Pas-de-Calais). I don't know what time your flight is expected to arrive at CDG but I thought it worth mentioning that you should allow a minimum of three hours between your flights ETA and the departure time of the train from CDG and four hours if you will have to go to Gare du Nord for the train.

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Thankyou everyone, we found the train station at Terminal 2, and got on the correct TGV train.
I had given us 3 hours after our plane landed. So we had lots of time.