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CDG Procedures for connecting flights

We have flown in and out of CDG many times, but never connected through. Our flight lands at CDG 2E from the US then has a short layover before proceeding on to Nice from 2F. We will have carry on. We already know the connection is tight. What is the procedure once we land? Can anyone walk me through this?
Go straight to immigration? Is it in the same terminal 2E or do we hightail it over to 2F and go through immigration and security there? Is there clear signage to guide you, especially when on the run?
Or is Immigration in 2E and security in 2F? Looks like we need to take a tram between terminals. With an hour and 10 minutes, we are nervous. We know its short, we called Air France, and they assure us it's ok. Ug

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I don't have an answer for you, but I'd be willing to bet YouTube does. People film and post all kinds of guides and tutorials there—I recently found a walkthrough for a train-to-subway connection I have to make in Madrid.

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(Tip some someone who maybe uses YouTube as a research tool too much: You'll end up watching some duds before finding what you need. Set the video playback speed to 1.5x or 1.75 times as you first search. Then you can slow it down when you know a video might be usefull.)

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I saw the following information in a RS post a while back, and saved it because I will be making CDG transfers this summer. Haven't checked it out yet, but here it is:
"Air France has an area of their website devoted to connections at Paris:

You will be interested primarily in the webpage for people arriving at CDG:

If you click on "Videos and Travel Time" and then enter your arrival and departure terminals, you can get estimated connection times and can view a video that schematically shows your path for a 2E to 2F connection."

Also, seems to have helpful information (but perhaps wildly optimistic time estimates).