catching a train from pompeii to Rome

I would like a step by step description on how to go from Pompeii to Rome by train what are the names of the stops that we would get off and if we would be okay going to the museum in Naples I hear it is a rough area.

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There is only one train available. Get on in Pompeii and get off in Naples station. Walk up stairs and buy a ticket (if you don't one) to Rome Termini (Main station in Rome. Find the correct platform and get off in Rome. You will have a choice of trains from high speed to regional (slowest). The train time and price is related to speed. The faster you go, the more your pay. If you want to visit the museum, walk upstairs and hail a cab. The area around the museum is fine. Take a cab back to the train station and take the

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Lynel, You'll have to travel from Pompeii to Napoli Centrale via the Circumvesuviana train. The trip will be about an hour. While on the train, be sure to watch your belongings and wear a Money Belt! Depending on how much time you have in Naples, it's certainly possible to visit the excellent Archeological Museum. I didn't find it to be a "rough area", but it is some distance from the station, so taking a Taxi would be advisable. However, I'd suggest reading the "cautions" about Taxis in Naples in the Guidebooks. Another option would be to arrange a local Guide in Naples, who could meet you at the station and travel with you to the Museum. Pina Esposito is an excellent Guide! For the last part of your trip, you'll travel from Napoli Centrale to Roma Termini via Freccia (high speed) train. Reservations are compulsory, which are specific to a particular train and departure time. You'll be assigned a Car No. (Carrozza) and a Seat No. (Posti). DON'T be caught without valid reservations for the train you're riding on, or you may be fined on the spot! Similar fines apply to those not validating their tickets on Regionale trains or on Buses in Rome. Happy travels!