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Carte Orange H. and Navigo Decouverte? Mus. Pass? Paris Visite?

Just ran across this Navigo Decouverte on another post and I was surprised this isn't in my RS Paris 2008 book and I couldn't find an official update here when searching-is it here? People are posting that the Paris Visite is now a good option, which I don't believe Rick has ever recommended so now I'm confused. Some even now recommend just using carnets of tickets- even for lots of touring?

I planned many of our days around use of the Carte Orange and the Museum Pass cards that RS recommends. We arrive Monday and I'm planning at this point to use these through Sunday with lots of touring/museums (with one day away to Normandy on sep. tickets). Then off to Disneyland and Versaille on Mon/Tues. the next week for our last days (with seperate train tickets and that Versaille LePassport). Is this still the best and cheapest way to do this? There's 6 of us, so pricing can become an issue when multiplied. Has the Navigo Decouverte card started already? I did read the SNCF "Carte Orange H. Passenger Guide", but it really doesn't give details. Do I still just hand the ticket booth guy our photos and ask for the "Carte Orange hebdomadaire s'il-vous-plait"? Or do I now as for the Navigo and this? I'd rather not use machines as we don't speak a lot of French and I'd rather deal with a person.

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Nancy -

You are seeing these recommendations because RATP (Metro Rail in Paris) is in process of eliminating the paper Carte Orange. It is still available this month.

Paris Viste is one of the options - it works just like the Carte Orange but days are different. It is actually more flexible as you can actually purchase on Tuesday of your arrival if you won't be using anything on Monday for example.

Should you purchase a carte orange you will have to ask for the "dossier carte orange" and place the photo yourself.

All the information you need is on RATP -

BTW - the machines have option for English - always look for the British flag.