Carseats in France

Hi everyone! My husband, daughter and I will be taking a trip to France in Spring 2014. My daughter will be 28 months by then and I understand from some websites that she will need a child seat much like she has at home. We plan on renting a car and staying in Gites across the country. Has anyone done this before, and do you have any tips or things that worked for you? Do car rental companies rent car seats? There's so much confusing information out there! Thanks in advance!

Posted by Ed
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Yes,they rent them. Do a dummy rental and you'll see that they show up with other options such as roof racks toward the end of the process. Whether they'll have one available when you get there, like automatic transmissions, is another story.

Posted by Angela
Sammamish, WA
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Yes, legally your daughter will need a carseat just like at home. You can rent one with the car, or bring your own. If you are planning to rent the car for most of the time you are there, I would just bring your own and check it on the plane. You can buy a carseat luggage cover to protect it enroute (also good for transporting bulky stuffed penguins, just so you know). Some kids are just happier in their own seat, and you'll know how to operate and install it. We have also rented carseats in Europe and they were very good about having the right type available. As mentioned above, you can walk through a sample on-line rental and see what sort of carseats they have. That said, I have also heard stories from others in which the seat was not there, causing a minor crisis of what to do.