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Carrying hiking poles on airplanes

I have a hiking pole that can be taken apart into three small sections. I am planning on going to Zurich and will need it. I am not checking a bag, and would like to put it in my Rick Steves backpack. Will this item be allowed through security in a carry-on on a Delta flight?

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This question has not been asked often and so I thought it might be helpful for you to see the very few prior discussions we've had here of hiking poles as carry-ons: The TSA website prohibits ski poles but does not specifically mention hiking or trekking poles (even when you search on the phrases hiking pole or trekking pole on the TSA site. In the prior discussions had here, no one has stated they were able to carry on hiking or trekking poles; so the consensus here is that they're probably not going to be allowed as carry-ons. If someone has been allowed to take hiking or trekking poles as carry-ons, that would be helpful to know.

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If it's the kind with the metal tip, even if it has the semi-permament rubber cap over it, probably not - - it's too close to the list of prohibited items. Even one with no metal would come real close to fitting in the pool cue category.

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Jane, With that type of article, it could be at the discretion of the Screener at the time, and I doubt very much whether Hiking Poles would be allowed. Keep in mind also, that when you return from Europe, the Screeners there are often more restrictive. Good luck!

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Some people use 1 or 2 trekking poles instead of canes, and except for the handle they're identical. I'd remove the metal tip (many canes have these underneath the rubber caps, by the way...) and I'd use that sucker through the security line like my life depended on it. AND allow myself plenty of time to return it to my car, or be prepared to check it :-( As with anything else you take into an airport...

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Probably not. Going to Europe, husband was allowed to take his golf umbrella on flight but coming back, he had t check it.