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Carry-on tricks: wearing your entire suitcase?

I'm flying RyanAir for the first time in 4 years, and my understanding is that travelers can no longer bring both a carry-on sized suitcase and a purse (or laptop case). I was hoping to arrive at the airport, go into the bathroom, put on everything I can, then tuck my purse into the freed-up space of my 22" rolling carry on, and compress the whole thing as much as possible with an external strap. I KNOW I'll look ridiculous -- I just don't want to look dangerous! Has anyone tried this? Thanks in advance...

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Elizabeth, that's a bit... um... different approach to avoid not having to check in a bag.

Its not that expensive to check in the bag with RyanAir. However, If you really want to carry on, why not just compress your purse into the suitcase and just pack a little lighter?

You didn't say when you were going to Europe. If its the summer, chances are your clothes won't take up too much room and you should be able to squeeze in the purse. If its the winter, you'll look like the Michelin Tire man wearing "as much clothes" as you can handle.

Plus, if you are "too large" they may charge you for an extra seat. That will cost you more than checking in luggage.

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I know a young man who tried that. He was going to study abroad for a year and didn't want to take more than his one carry-on and his checked backpack. The outcome---no problems with security, but he was very, very hot in the airports and on the plane.

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That sounds like a SNL skit waiting to happen.

Let us know how it turns out. I did all carry-on on our recent trip and I did try to wear clothes that maybe would not pack as small as others. For instance, the heavier of my fleece sweatshirts, pants and lightweight jacket.

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I take it that Elizabeth is going to try this before she goes through security??

I'm not too familliar with Airport Security Procedures but...I'd imagine that a Passenger wearing OBVIOUSLY too much clothing might be seen as suspicious and MIGHT be subject to further screening. Especially if you are travelling in the summer and are sporting many layers which would seen inappropriate for the summer climate.

I know that when I see someone overdressed for the season (as an EMT) I start to wonder if they are ok or are they trying to conceal something beneath that trench coat on a hot July day...With that said, just keep in mind that it could raise red flags depending on the senario and situation.

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Also keep in mind that TSA will often insist you take off bulky sweaters/coats. I'm not sure how strict European security is about this, but if you have to take half of the layers right back off again, that's going to certainly slow you down and possibly cause some raised eyebrows from the security folks.